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​What's a rate class?

Maybe driving your vehicle is part of your job. Maybe you just drive a few times a week. There are many ways that B.C. drivers use their vehicles, and we use rate classes to reflect that.

Common rate classes

Pleasure drive Pleasure. Driving for typical day-to-day activities, like errands, driving kids to school or going on vacation. You can also use the vehicle for up to six days in a calendar month for commuting, business or delivery.


Commuting drive Commuting. Driving to work or school, in addition to pleasure use. There are different rate classes, depending on how far you commute.


Business drive Business. Driving for business purposes – for example, a salesperson or realtor who drives to meet with customers. You may also need different insurance if you lend your vehicle in a peer to peer car sharing service or drive passengers for payment, for a service such as Uber, Lyft, or as a taxi or limousine driver.

Delivery drive 

Delivery. Driving for delivery. There are different rate classes depending on the type of vehicle, what it delivers and the distance travelled.

Talk to your broker

It's important that you talk to your Autoplan broker about all the ways you use your vehicle, and who drives it. If you're in the wrong rate class, it could affect your coverage and leave you personally responsible for the cost of any claims.​

If you're 65 or older and don't use your vehicle for commuting, business or delivery, you could pay less with a seniors' rate class. Ask your broker.​


Experienced drivers

If everyone in your household who uses the vehicle has 10 or more years of driving experience, you could pay less for your coverage. Experienced-driver savings can apply to pleasure, commuting and business rate classes.