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Last updated: November 2022

B.C.'s EDL and EIC

Visiting friends in Washington state? Planning a weekend of shopping in Seattle? Heading south to fill up on gas?

To cross into the U.S., everyone must show a passport or other approved document. Why worry about carrying and keeping track of an extra piece of ID to get you across the border when B.C.'s new enhanced driver's licence (EDL) or enhanced identification card (EIC) do it all for you.

These convenient, wallet-sized cards are approved for land and water travel to the U.S.*

EDL/EIC update

The Enhanced driver's licence (EDL) and Enhanced ID card (EIC) programs are being phased out, which means we are not renewing, replacing or issuing new EDLs or EICs. However, EDLs and EICs already issued will remain valid until their expiry date.


Is my EDL good for re-entry into Canada?

Yes. Your EDL is proof of your citizenship and identity and can be used to re-enter Canada.

Is my EDL only good for entry into the U.S. from B.C. into Washington State?

No. Your EDL can be used to enter the U.S. at any Canadian land or water port of entry.

How secure is my EDL?

Your EDL contains the same security features as the B.C. driver's licence we introduced in 2009. The protective sleeve you receive with your EDL card provides additional security for your protection.

Is my personal information safe with an RFID chip in the EDL card?

The radio frequency identification (RFID) chip contains two unique numbers. One number allows U.S. border officers to identify you as you approach the customs booth and the other number prevents the card from being cloned.

Your personal information is safely stored in a secure database in Canada maintained by the federal government. The protective sleeve you receive with your enhanced card prevents the RFID chip from being read when it's not being used to cross the border.

Can I use my EDL for air travel to the U.S.?

No. Your EDL is good for entry into the U.S. by land or water only. Canadian citizens travelling to, through, or from the U.S. by air require a valid passport or other approved travel document.

What does my 12 year-old son need for identification to travel to the U.S. by land or water?

An EIC, passport, Canadian birth certificate or approved Canadian citizenship document are all acceptable. However, persons 15 and under may also need additional identification when not accompanied by their parents, such as when travelling with a school or other organized group. For more information, check the Canada Border Services Agency website at www.cbsa.gc.ca.

Can I combine an EDL with a BC Services Card?

No. The RFID chip in the EDL is not compatible with the security chip in the BC Services Card. Apply for a stand-alone photo BC Services Card. Or surrender your EDL, apply for an EIC and then you will be able to apply for a combined B.C. driver's licence and BC Services Card.

Last updated: November 2022

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Last updated: November 2022