PST on vehicles

Last updated: September 2020

B.C.'s Provincial Sales Tax (PST) generally applies to a vehicle that is acquired in B.C. or imported into B.C. after March 31, 2013.

Tax on privately acquired vehicles in B.C.

If you purchase a vehicle in a private sale or receive it as a gift in certain circumstances, you must pay PST on the purchase or gift. PST is generally payable at the time the vehicle is registered with your Autoplan Broker. However, if you delay registering the vehicle, you may be required to pay PST directly to the B.C. Ministry of Finance.

The general PST rate on private vehicle sales and gifts of vehicles is 12%. However, the PST rate varies based on whether the vehicle is a passenger vehicle and the value of the vehicle.

​​Vehicles purchased at a private sale or received as a taxable gift ​
​Purchase price (for gifts, Fair Market Value)​Passenger vehiclesNon-passenger vehicles​
​Less than $55,000​12%​12%
​$55,000 - $55,999.99​12%​12%
​$56,000 - $56,999.99​12%​12%
​$57,000 - $124,999.99​12%​12%
​$125,000 - $149,999.99​15%​12%
​$150,000 and over​20%​12%

For tax purposes, a passenger vehicle is defined as a motor vehicle designed primarily as a means of transport for individuals. For example, trucks and vans larger than three-quarter ton, camperized vans, motor homes, buses and motorcycles with engines of 250 cc or less are not passenger vehicles.

For additional information, please see the Ministry of Finance bulletin PST on Vehicles, which provides information on determining whether the gift of a vehicle is taxable, exemptions from PST on vehicles and how to apply for a refund. If there are differences between the information displayed here and in the bulletin, the information in the bulletin shall prevail. Please note that neither ICBC nor Autoplan Brokers can refund a tax.

For questions, please consult with your Autoplan Broker or contact the Ministry of Finance via 1-877-388-4440 (toll-free) or

Last updated: September 2020