Rehabilitation assistance

Making the most of life after a severe crash injury

Last updated: June 2018

We are here to help

Every year, hundreds of people are severely injured in vehicle crashes in B.C. Many are left with physical or cognitive disabilities that may continue throughout their lifetimes.

If you have been severely injured in a crash, we're here to help you maximize your recovery and return to a fulfilling life.

Our Accident Benefits coverage pays for medical and rehabilitation assistance so you can reach your fullest potential for independence and employment.


If I'm permanently injured, what does ICBC offer me that is not provided through the provincial medical plan?

Our rehabilitation department helps you make the necessary adjustments during hospitalization and after returning to the community. The department's senior recovery coordinators work with you, hospital personnel, and appropriate community resources to develop the best possible program for you to the limit of available benefits.

We employ senior recovery coordinators in major centres around B.C. We know the resources — specialists, therapists, facilities, programs, etc. — available locally as well as provincially. Our training enables us to work with you, as well as doctors, vocational advisors and other rehabilitation professionals, in identifying the best support and training programs for your situation.

When does my rehabilitation start?

Our coordinators recognize the importance of early intervention in helping with your recovery. We will work with your medical team in the hospital and will assist you in the transition through your physical recovery to vocational retraining and return to work.

All recommendations are made in consultation with your treating doctors, therapists, vocational advisors and the facilities providing rehabilitation.

What do Accident Benefits pay for?

The medical and rehabilitation part of your Accident Benefits coverage provides for payment of most reasonable expenses you incur for medical care, specialized aids, and vocational training, to a maximum of $300,000, for crashes that occurred on or after January 1, 2018. These payments apply to expenses not paid or payable from any other source (such as extended medical and dental plans, MSP, Pharmacare, etc.). These expenses may include:

  • necessary medical, surgical, dental, hospital, ambulance, and professional nursing services
  • chiropractic, physical, occupational, and speech therapies
  • medical supplies and equipment, and prescribed medication.

Your Accident Benefits also cover some of your basic income replacement — up to $300 per week. You may also qualify for up to $145 per week for homemaking assistance.

What job training can I get if I can't return to my previous occupation?

Your Accident Benefits coverage may pay for vocational training compatible with your occupation before the injury, taking into account your capabilities after the crash.

Will I be eligible for this support?

Our Accident Benefits are available for almost anyone injured in a crash in B.C. (Some rare exceptions may apply, such as when the vehicle involved is not from B.C., and you were on foot or a bicycle, and no one in your household has a vehicle insured by ICBC.)

Are there any conditions attached to receiving this support?

You will need to participate when a treatment or retraining program is recommended. We aren't able to fund ongoing support for those who aren't willing to take part in treatment programs. In those cases, ICBC gives people 60 days notice that medical, vocational and income replacement benefits will be stopped.

Who decides what rehabilitation is necessary or appropriate for me?

Your own physician determines the appropriate treatment in consultation with medical specialists and therapists. Our senior recovery coordinator approves appropriate funding.

Am I entitled to purchase a vehicle?

When a permanent disability makes you wheelchair-dependent, ICBC Accident Benefits coverage may fund the one-time purchase of a specially equipped vehicle, out of the total $300,000 available.

What if I'm no longer able to get around at home because of my injury?

Our Accident Benefits coverage may pay for reasonable and necessary changes to your home — such as a ramp, a lift or bathroom alterations. If you are a homemaker or live alone, kitchen changes may also be funded. These alterations are paid out of the $300,000 in available benefits.

More information

Please contact Recovery Services at 604-871-2300, toll-free 1-888-388-9882 or by fax at 604-647-6129.

Last updated: June 2018