RoadStar package

Last updated: December 2019

Be confident that you have the extra protection and peace of mind you need when you're on the road, whether you're close to home or travelling.

Our optional package offers you four of our most popular optional insurance coverages at one low price:

  1. Loss of Use coverage

  2. Rental Vehicle coverage

  3. Vehicle Travel Protection

  4. Lock Re-Keying

Who can buy the RoadStar package?

You must have comprehensive coverage to purchase RoadStar. Only private passenger vehicles, motorhomes or light commercial vehicles (5,000 kg GVW or less) in certain vehicle rate classes are eligible for this coverage. Ask your local Autoplan broker if you're eligible.

If you own vehicles that are part of a fleet with a discount of 40 per cent or more, this package is also available. In the case of your company-owned vehicles, the package is available for an officer or employee you've identified as an "assigned corporate driver." The assigned corporate driver must declare the vehicle as a taxable benefit.

Buying the RoadStar package means you're covered anywhere in Canada or the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii), but not in Mexico or any other country.

You must submit your original receipts of actual expenses to be repaid under any of your RoadStar package coverages.

How we've got you covered

Loss of Use coverage

Regardless of who's at fault, if you can't drive your vehicle as a result of a collision, comprehensive or specified perils claim, you'll be reimbursed up to $500 for the cost of renting a substitute vehicle, hiring taxis or using public transit under RoadStar Loss of Use.

If you need a substitute vehicle after your claim, the RoadStar package allows you to rent a vehicle that's comparable in size to your own. Your ICBC adjuster may specify the vehicle make and model.

Coverage for a rental vehicle is conditional on your ability to rent a vehicle. If your vehicle can't be driven, coverage starts right after the crash and ends when your vehicle's repaired or when we've made you an offer of settlement if your vehicle's a total loss. If your vehicle can be driven, coverage applies while it's getting repaired and ends when the repairs are done.

The RoadStar Loss of Use coverage is based on the Optional Autoplan coverages you have on your vehicle. For example, if you only had our collision coverage, you'd be entitled to loss of use in the event of a crash but not if your vehicle was vandalized or stolen. For our Loss of Use coverage to apply for those claims, you'd need our Comprehensive coverage as well.

Rental Vehicle coverage

This protects you when you're using a courtesy vehicle or a vehicle — including motorhomes, motorcycles or trailers — rented under a written rental agreement from an established rental service for a period of up to 30 days, and used for pleasure or business purposes.

Our coverage includes:

  • Third Party Liability up to $1 million for damage or injury you cause to others while driving the rental or courtesy car

  • Accident Benefits — up to $300,000 for medical, rehabilitation, disability, funeral and death benefits

  • Underinsured Motorist Protection (UMP) — up to $1 million

  • Collision coverage with a $300 deductible and Comprehensive coverage with a $300 deductible for the rental vehicle (includes $200 deductible for any claim on windshield damage caused by missiles or flying objects)

  • Loss of Use coverage of $25 per day, to a total limit of $250, for replacement transportation if the rental vehicle is unable to be driven due to the crash

  • payment for claims made by the rental company for loss of rental income.

Keep in mind your maximum daily rental rate is $125 (Cdn) in Canada or $100 (U.S.) in the United States — except for motorhomes, trucks and campers rented as one unit, or wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

For collision or comprehensive claims, if coverage from the rental company applies in addition to the RoadStar Rental Vehicle coverage, we will pay the difference between the higher deductible on the rental company policy and the RoadStar deductible.

Who's covered?

For Liability and Own Damage (Collision, Comprehensive, Specified Perils) coverage, the rental contract must be in the name of:

  • The person named on the Owner's Certificate to which the RoadStar package applies.

  • An "assigned corporate driver" where the insured named on the Owner's Certificate is the driver's employer, and use of the assigned vehicle is a taxable benefit for the driver under the Income Tax Act (Canada).

  • The spouse of either of these persons as long as they are shown as a renter or included as a permitted driver on the rental contract of their spouse.

Coverage also extends to any other person named as permitted driver on the rental contract.

For Accident Benefits and UMP, it covers the named insured, the assigned corporate driver, members of the household of the named insured and the assigned corporate driver and any other occupant of the rental vehicle.

What about vehicles and uses?

Our RoadStar Rental Vehicle coverage doesn't apply to:

  • A commercial motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight in excess of 5,000 kg.

  • Snowmobiles, snow vehicles, golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, industrial machines and road-building machines.

  • A vehicle that's borrowed for any use whatsoever.

  • A vehicle that's used for carrying or delivering goods for compensation.

  • A vehicle rented exclusively for the use of non-B.C. residents.

  • A vehicle that's not licensed.

  • A bus with a seating capacity of 16 or more that's used for carrying passengers.

  • A vehicle that's used for carrying passengers for compensation or hire.

  • Any vehicle, other than a motorhome, truck and camper rented as one unit, or a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, for which the daily rental rate exceeds $125 (Cdn) in Canada or $100 (U.S.) in the United States.

  • A vehicle that's owned by the owner of a vehicle rental business, if the vehicle is used in connection with the business.

Vehicle Travel Protection coverage

If you're on a trip and you get in a crash or your vehicle's stolen, our Vehicle Travel Protection pays you back for some of the expenses. It's perfect for people who take their vehicles on holidays or business trips. You're also protected on your trip if you get involved in a crash with a motor vehicle as a cyclist or pedestrian.

Keep in mind that your trip can't be longer than 30 days.

We will cover these extra costs (as long as they were the direct result of a crash involving your vehicle or a theft of your vehicle):

  • additional living expenses up to $500 for one or two people, or $1,000 for three or more people (and in the case of motorhomes, $2,000 regardless of the number of people — includes lodging, meals, telephone calls and transportation expenses)

  • towing expenses of up to $100 (up to $250 for motorhomes)

  • the cost of bringing the insured vehicle back home, up to $750 (up to $1,000 for motorhomes) — includes bringing a damaged or recovered stolen vehicle back home for repairs, or sending someone to bring home a stolen vehicle that's been recovered

  • replacement vehicle expenses of up to $500 toward providing substitute transportation for the loss of use of a vehicle you've rented or borrowed. (See Loss of Use for specific coverage details)

  • travel expenses for you to return home by the most direct route, up to $1,500 for one or two people, or up to $3,000 for three or more people

  • reimbursement of your deductible for a collision claim if your vehicle's in a crash with another vehicle where the other vehicle is at fault and is an insured, identifiable vehicle and one not insured by ICBC (you're not reimbursed for damage caused by an uninsured vehicle, or in the case of a hit and run where the at-fault vehicle isn't identified).

Lock Re-Keying

We will reimburse you up to $500 for the cost of replacing keys and re-keying your locks if the keys or remote keyless entry transmitter are stolen.

For your coverage to apply, make sure you report the incident to the police within 48 hours. A police case file number is required. You must also carry our Comprehensive or Specified Perils coverage.

Your Lock Re-Keying claim will be subject to your chosen deductible but you will still have up to the full $500 claim limit after the deductible is applied.

More information

Renting a car? For proof of coverage, photocopy your current insurance documents (don't bring the originals), or take a photo on your phone or tablet.

If you are arranging for a vehicle before you leave, you or your travel agent should check that the company you choose accepts RoadStar Rental Vehicle coverage.

For more information about the RoadStar package:

  • ask your local Autoplan broker, or

  • go to Optional insurance packages

To report a claim, call Dial-a-Claim at:

  • 604-520-8222 (Lower Mainland)

  • 1-800-910-4222 (rest of B.C., Canada or U.S.)

If you've had a crash with no injuries, or want to report vandalism or theft from your vehicle, you can do that quickly and easily anytime online at report a claim.

For general inquiries, call ICBC Customer Services at:

  • 604-661-2800 (Lower Mainland)

  • 1-800-663-3051 (rest of B.C., Canada or U.S.)

Translation services available.

Don't forget to keep your receipts. You'll need to submit all original receipts to be repaid under any of our RoadStar package coverages.

Last updated: December 2019

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Last updated: December 2019