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​​Estimate the impact of a claim on your premiums

If you’re at fault in a minor crash, it may make financial sense to repay the claim so it won't affect your premium. Our premium impact estimator below can help.

Enter some details about your insurance coverage and the number of at-fault claims you've had, and find out the estimated increase on your insurance premiums. You can then make an informed decision about whether to repay the claim. Find out more about how claims affect your premiums.

If you decide to repay a claim, you’ll need to do it before your next policy renewal. To discuss your repayment options and to arrange for repayment please contact your adjuster.

Changes coming to help make rates more fair

Premium impact estimator

To use this tool, you will need:

  • your insurance papers describing the coverages on your policy, titled Owner's Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle Licence (they're probably in your glovebox)
  • the number of at-fault claims (up to three) since your last renewal

Please note: This tool offers an estimate of future increases to your insurance premium if an at-fault claim is charged to your current policy. The estimate is based on your claim-rated scale level, current ICBC insurance rates, and a variable set of information for your specific coverages. The exact amount you’ll pay in premiums can only be determined by your Autoplan broker when you renew your insurance policy or take out a new one.