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​​​​​​​Freedom of Information requests

For all claims, you can make a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act and Protection of Privacy Act.  

Protecting your personal information

ICBC always protects your personal information from improper use. Our information and privacy department ensures we meet our obligations under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

How to make a Freedom of Information request

To make a Freedom of Information request, follow these steps:​​​

1. Talk to your adjuster about your claim file information

​You can ask your adjuster about the information being used to assess your claim.

2. Talk to your adjuster's manager

​If after reviewing the information you're​ still not satisfied, ask to speak to the manager about your claim.

3. Request the freedom of information process

​If, after reviewing your file information from your adjuster and the manager, you're still not satisfied, request under Freedom of Information to receive and review your file information.

Mail or fax your request to:

ICBC Privacy & Freedom of Information 
151 West Esplanade
North Vancouver BC V7M 3H9

Fax: 604-443-4562

Learn more about making an information request.