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​Your injury claim settlement

If another driver involved in your crash has been found responsible, you may qualify for financial compensation (commonly known as a settlement). This compensation is separate from your treatments and other benefits under Basic insurance.

How compensation works

Compensation is offered to those who have been in a crash and, as a result, sustained injuries and, if applicable, lost wages. Your claim representative will discuss the compensation amount with you, based on factors such as:

  • The extent or severity of your injuries
  • How your recovery is progressing
  • Percentage of responsibility by the other driver

If you accept the compensation offered to you, you can still access the treatments you need for your recovery, as care and recovery are separate from compensation.

Minor injury and your compensation

As of April 1, 2019, there is a limit to pain and suffering payouts for some injuries. Please refer to our minor injuries page for more information on this topic.

Talk to your ICBC claim representative   

Your claim representative will be your main point of contact throughout the life of your claim. They'll tell you what to provide to ICBC, answer your questions, and help you navigate your options.

Disputing a settlement

If an agreement can't be reached with your claim representative, find out your options for disputing your settlement offer.