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​Benefits to help you cope at home

If you are injured in a crash, you may be eligible for benefits to support your recovery at home.

Homemaking benefits

If you are the primary homemaker in your household and are unable to perform the majority of usual household tasks (e.g. cleaning, cooking/meal prep) due to injury from a crash, ICBC may reimburse reasonable and necessary homemaking expenses, such as cleaning services, to a maximum of $280 per week. Homemaking benefits do not extend to personal benefits such as nursing or attendant care. To qualify, a physician or nurse practitioner must certify your inability to conduct homemaking duties and you need to provide this information to your claim representative. For more information speak to your claim representative.

Rehabilitation assistance

If you have been severely injured in a crash, we're here to help you return to independence. Your Accident Benefits coverage may pay for reasonable and necessary changes to your home – such as a ramp, lift, or bathroom alterations. For more information, speak to your Recovery Specialist.

If your crash is prior to April 1, 2019

Talk to your claim representative. Changes to insurance come into effect on April 1, 2019, which may affect your coverage.