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​Getting medical care and treatment after a crash

If you've been in a crash, you may need medical care. ICBC Accident Benefits help you access the services you'll need to recover, no matter who is responsible (at fault) in the crash.

The care and treatment process

Here's an idea of the medical care and treatment process if you're injured in a crash.


Seeing your health care practitioner

You can work with your health care practitioner(s) to help you recover from a crash. These practitioners can include your doctor, as well those listed in the table below.

They will assess your injuries, develop a treatment plan and write an assessment report that includes information about your injuries and recommended treatment plan. These reports help your claim representative better understand your diagnosis and support your recovery.

For the first 12 weeks after your crash, you can get treatment with the following health care practitioners for the number of treatments below:

​Type of practitioner:​Number of approved treatments:


Registered massage therapist​12
Clinical counsellor​12

In certain circumstances, an occupational therapist may be recommended to assist in your treatment plan. Talk to your claim representative to see if this is an option.

These practitioners may bill ICBC directly, so you won't have to submit receipts for reimbursement or be out of pocket. Some health care practitioner fees may exceed amounts covered by ICBC — if you have other insurance coverage (for example, with your employer), it may cover the difference.

If your care provider doesn't bill ICBC directly, you can submit your receipts for review to see if they are eligible for reimbursement. Please send them within 60 days of the treatment or purchase date to be eligible for consideration. You can find additional information on treatments and fees in ICBC's Recovery and Treatment Guide (pdf).

You also have up to $1,000 in coverage for reasonable alternative therapies to help you recover. You can discuss those supplies or services with your claim representative.

If you need longer-term care

Your recovery may require additional treatment beyond 12 weeks after a crash.

If your health care provider has indicated that your treatment plan needs to be extended, contact your claim representative. They'll discuss how your benefits can continue to support your recovery.