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​Treatment and recovery

No matter who's responsible (at fault) in a crash, your ICBC Basic insurance will pay for your medical care and treatment, under Accident Benefits, up to $300,000.

Medical and rehabilitation expenses

Once you start your claim, your ICBC claim adjuster will provide you with details of what is covered under your Accident Benefits for medical care and treatment. You can expect your adjuster to reach out. 

Your medical benefits include coverage for

  • ambulance services
  • medication
  • chiropractic treatment
  • physiotherapy
  • registered massage therapy​

Your adjuster will explain whether ICBC can make direct payment for your treatments or if you'll need to pay first and be reimbursed. If you're paying first, please keep your receipts.

If you have access to other insurance (for example, extended health care from your employer) or if your employer provides wage loss benefits, please see other providers for more information on next steps.


We have recovery programs to help you get better as quickly as possible. Our health care partners will customize treatment plans that help maximize your recovery. These chiropractors provide direct payment options, meaning you don't have to pay out of your pocket and get reimbursed later.​ All you need to do is provide your claim number to your chiropractor so they can confirm that you’re covered.

If you want to see a chiropractor who​ is not participating in the program, please note they may charge​ additional amounts ​not covered by ICBC.

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Need help?​

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your adjuster to discuss your options for medical treatment.

When another driver is at fault

If someone else is responsible for the crash, you may be compensated (in addition to medical benefits). For more information, see settling a claim

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