Drive safe.
Get rewarded.

ICBC's Techpilot project needs drivers like you to explore how technology can make driving safer. Complete various driving challenges to increase your chance at up to $250 in gift card rewards. The safer your driving, the more rewards you can earn.


Who can participate in the Techpilot project?

You can sign up to participate if you have a smartphone with a data plan and you:

  • Received your Class 7N driver's licence within the last four years or
  • Your combined driving experience (7N and full licence) is less than four years

You'll also need access to a vehicle. ICBC will notify the registered owner or lessee of the vehicle that you'll be driving for the Techpilot project.


How Techpilot works

Once you've been confirmed as a participant, you'll install a small telematics device in the vehicle you're driving, download a smartphone app and pair them. Then, all you need to do is drive to work, school or anywhere else you'd normally go — the device and app do the rest (without ever distracting you).

For one year, the telematics device and your smartphone gather data on things like distance, speed and braking. You get feedback on your driving and the chance for up to $250 in gift card rewards: the better your driving, the more rewards you're eligible for.

Your Techpilot participation will help ICBC understand how telematics affects driving and inform future decisions on the technology.


Protecting your privacy

All of the information you provide or that is created in the Techpilot project is collected, stored and used in accordance with the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ("FIPPA").

Our privacy terms and conditions outline what information and data are collected and created, how and where they are stored, and how they'll be used in the Techpilot project. 


Still have questions?

Visit our Techpilot project page for more information.