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ICBC Techpilot project

Can telematics technology help make B.C. roads safer while improving driver behaviour? Techpilot aims to answer this question, with some help from newer drivers.

Why ICBC is undertaking the Techpilot project

Telematics is a growing trend for insurers in jurisdictions around the world. With a driver's consent, a telematics device gathers information to insurers that can allow for a specific assessment of driver behaviour and risk, namely related to driving distance, time of day, and accelerating and braking. Drivers benefit from lower insurance rates and insight into their driving behaviour.

With the Techpilot project, ICBC wants to explore if telematics can help reduce crashes and improve driver behaviour.

How the Techpilot project works

ICBC has partnered with Octo, a company that specializes in telematics technology for insurers.

We're recruiting and rewarding up to 7,000 newer drivers across B.C. to see if telematics encourages safe driving behaviour and increases road safety. Participants will be eligible for a variety of rewards based on their driving behaviour and participation in the pilot.

For one year, starting fall 2019, approved participants will receive their telematics device in the mail, along with installation instructions. They'll install the device in the vehicle they drive, along with an app on their smartphone – together, they gather data on factors such as distances travelled, speeds and braking, and phone interactions, and provide a score and feedback to drivers based on this data.

Neither the app nor the device send notifications or require interaction during driving, meaning drivers will not be distracted.

Eligible participants

The Techpilot project is open to drivers who have:

  • A smartphone with a data plan and Bluetooth capability (iOS 10 or higher, or Android 6.0 and higher) and
  • Received their Class 7N driver's licence with the last four years or
  • Less than four years of combined experience (7N and full licence)

All private passenger vehicles (such as cars, SUVs, and pick-up trucks) are eligible for the Techpilot project. Motorcyles, motorhomes and heavy commercial vehicles are not eligible.

Interested drivers are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible. The project officially starts in fall 2019 and lasts for one year. Participation is voluntary and can be ended at any time by contacting Sign up for Techpilot

How we're protecting driver privacy

Data collected, created and used under the Techpilot project is anonymized and participation will not affect existing insurance policies, premiums, the status of your driver's licensing, or other transactions, such as claims, during and any time after the project.

Personal information is collected and stored in accordance with the B.C. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and our privacy policy. Data gathered by the telematics device and smartphone app is accessible only to select ICBC staff and participating contractors associated with the Techpilot project. The data can only be accessed by law enforcement in cases where ICBC is legally obligated to comply with a court order.

Details of how Techpilot project data and personal information are collected, stored and accessed can be found in the project's privacy terms and conditions. You can also view our Privacy Impact Assessment.

About the Techpilot project’s research methods

ICBC is committed to research best practices. In order to ensure the data and findings are reliable, we’ll divide participants into two groups:

  • One group will receive real-time feedback about their driving behaviour and can complete challenges to receive rewards
  • One group will not receive driver feedback until the end of the pilot; however, the group will receive periodic rewards for their participation

The available rewards for both groups are the same dollar value.

Still have questions?

Contact or call us toll-free at 1-844-982-1319 or 604-982-1319 in the Lower Mainland.