Your traffic court date to dispute a ticket

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Your traffic court date to dispute a ticket

After receiving the letter that confirms the date and time for your ticket dispute court hearing, you must attend on that date, or apply to the courts with a sufficient reason for re-arranging the date.

After you have filed a dispute

Once your dispute has been processed, you will be asked to attend a court hearing. The provincial court registry will send you a Notice of Hearing letter to let you know where and when this will happen. This notice will be mailed to the address set out in the notice of dispute.

Note: The time between registering your dispute and receiving a Notice of Hearing can vary.

If you can't attend the hearing

Please inform the provincial court registry (see a list of court locations) if it is not possible for you to attend at the time or date you have been given.

If you do not attend the court hearing, the ticket is treated as undisputed. You must pay the fine, and a conviction for the offence is added to your record.

Changing your address?

Don't take the chance of missing your court date notice in the mail. Fill out a change of address form or contact your local court.