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Last updated Tuesday, Feb 02, 2021 02:54 PM

Autoplan insurance

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BCUC rates

Changes to Basic insurance rates must be approved by ICBC's regulator, the B.C. British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC).

With the introduction of Enhanced Care in 2021, drivers will begin seeing average savings of 20% on their full Basic and Optional vehicle insurance. To help deliver on the Enhanced Care savings, ICBC has filed for our largest Basic insurance rate decrease in more than 40 years – a decrease of 15%, which will be seen by the vast majority of customers. If approved by the BCUC, the Basic insurance decrease would come into effect for policies effective May 1, 2021, or after, to align with the launch of Enhanced Care.

Rate stability

Enhanced Care helps make auto insurance in B.C. more affordable with the goal of keeping it that way – that's why government has directed that our Basic rate application cover the next two years and that we start building a rate stabilization fund, both of which will help provide British Columbians with more stability in their insurance rates in future years.

If you'd like to learn more about ICBC's Basic insurance rate application, you can read an overview, Basic insurance rates for 2021 and beyond. To find out more about Enhanced Care visit​