Autoplan insurance

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Insurance discount for new and returning residents 

If you're a claim-free driver, you may be eligible for a discount on your ICBC Autoplan insurance.

Changes to insurance
The information on this page only applies to policies issued on or before August 31, 2019.

How you could save

For each year you've been insured claim-free, we offer a five per cent discount—up to a maximum of 40 per cent. We’ll look at your most recent eight or more continuous claim-free years before you got your first Autoplan policy or B.C. driver’s licence.

Get a complete claims history letter

You'll need a claims history letter from your previous auto insurer(s). It must contain the following items:

  1. Insurance company letterhead—not from your broker or agent

  2. Insurance company contact information

  3. Date of issue

  4. Name of principal operator and insured persons of the vehicle being insured with ICBC

  5. Policy number(s)

  6. Effective dates of coverage

  7. Details of any claims, or state clearly that there were no at-fault claims

  8. Signature of company representative

Discount for new B.C. residents

*If your letter isn't in English, contact an ICBC approved translator to get a translated version. You'll need to provide both the original and translated versions when buying insurance.

Additional requirements for company-owned vehicle

If you've been driving a company-owned vehicle, you'll need to provide an extra letter:

  • from your employer confirming the dates when the vehicle was assigned to you for business and pleasure use, or

  • from yourself or a company representative confirming that you were an owner of the company who had use of the vehicle for business and personal use.

Talk to your Autoplan broker

Bring all the document(s) with you and visit an Autoplan broker to buy your insurance. If you need to get your insurance but haven't received your claims history letter(s), please let your broker know.

Six-month time limit

You have up to six months from the time you first purchased your Autoplan insurance to send a claims history letter to ICBC.

If it's been longer than six months since you first purchased your Autoplan policy, you can still apply for a review of your discount. Any refund may be based on the date we receive your application.

Insurance discount application

Apply for an insurance discount in two easy steps:

Mailing address

CRS Discount Applications - L132210
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
151 West Esplanade
North Vancouver B.C.
V7M 3H9

Save time by sending a complete application form

Please complete your application form with all the required information found in your claims history letter(s). Once we receive your application, the review can take up to two months. Any incomplete application may delay the review process.