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ICBC offers two payment methods to serve our mutual customers: the flat fee payment or fee for service.

Customers who have coverage through ICBC can begin chiropractic treatment immediately after they report their injury to ICBC. Customers only need to provide their chiropractor with their ICBC claim number to start treatment. You do not need to call ICBC for prior approval unless the customer was potentially a worker at the time of the accident, or more than 8 weeks have passed since the date of the injury and the patient is not receiving any other health services.



Chiropractic flat fee program

If you would like to participate in our flat fee program, please review the flat fee program and submit an application to obtain a supplier account number. Please be aware that this number is strictly for billing purposes. It does not designate you as a preferred supplier or guarantee you work.

Required documents:

Applications are accepted by email to

Treatment forms and reports for participating chiropractors

Submit treatment forms and reports to

Note: The web forms automatically submit when you click the Send button at the bottom of the form.

Additional information

Fee-for-service billing

If you are providing fee for service, please submit treatment invoices to the B.C. Ministry of Health's Medical Services Plan. Review the Fee-for-service billing guide for more information.

ICBC contacts

For questions about:

  • claim and program extensions: contact the ICBC Claims Contact handling your customer's claim (in most circumstances:
  • Flat Fee Program and reporting: contact
  • application process to sign up for the Flat Fee Program: contact

Please use this form to forward general questions about treating ICBC claimants, or to request additional information about any of the enhancements that ICBC is implementing as part of the move to a care-based model. We will respond to you within 10 business days.