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ICBC changes to insurance

The provincial government has announced changes to control rates and increase care for those injured in a crash, with more money for the treatment and support they need to get better. Consultation has been a cornerstone of this process, and ICBC is committed to continuing to engage with healthcare professionals on this journey to ensure that changes reflect your knowledge and expertise.

This page provides resources, communication materials and information to support you and your clients and patients through the changes.

Information for treatment providers

Patient and member communications

The following resources may help support you in your communications with patients on these changes.

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Regulations announced to support changes to car insurance in B.C.

The provincial government has announced changes to create a care-based car insurance system in B.C. New regulations are now in place to increase ICBC (Part 7) accident benefits for anyone injured in a crash regardless of fault. Customers will also have access to an expanded list of treatment providers, and updated treatment fees starting April 1, 2019. The regulations also further define B.C.’s minor injury definition, which applies to compensation for pain and suffering; one small element of a total claim.

The changes to regulation were informed by broad consultation with treatment providers and the associations which represent them, as well as research on other jurisdictions who have already made similar changes.

Read the government announcement. For more information about how this relates to treatment providers visit ICBC’s partners site at