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​Enhanced Care changes

ICBC has posted a Request for Expression of Interest for the Clinical Advisory Group. This new resource will support ICBC Recovery Specialists by providing obje​ctive, evidence-based ​and timely clinical insights when inquiries or challenges arise on claims.

ICBC invites all those interested to apply through BC Bid (browse opportunities by organization and select Insurance Corporation of BC, document 2020-105). For more information on the Clinical Advisory Group, please contact​ ​ Wayne Tang or ​Katie Hogg.​​​

​​More en​hancements to care and recovery benefits

Building on the recent improvements brought into effect on April 1, 2019, ICBC will be implementing a new care-based insurance model with a target date of May 2021. Enhanced Care will ensure that any British Columbian injured in a crash has significantly enhanced accident benefits. In particular, Enhanced Care provides extended care and recovery benefits for people who need it most – those who have serious injuries that significantly impact their lives.

To learn more about the benefits of Enhanced Care, why we’re changing, and what it will mean for your patients visit​

What Enhanced Care coverage means for health services 

ICBC is committed to consulting with physicians and health care providers on details relating to injury management and ways to improve administrative efficiencies. Initial consultations took place between February and September 2020 and continue to progress as we move towards May 2021. Consultation has been critical in shaping Enhanced Care and ICBC's approach to managing claims. 

ICBC's injury management philosophy will continue to focus on creating a supportive and transparent patient experience. With Enhanced Care, any British Columbian injured in a crash will get the care they need, when they need it, for as long as they need it. To do that, ICBC is moving away from the adversarial approach of suing the driver responsible for the crash, to creating an Enhanced Care model that enables customers to achieve recovery through quality care and delivers the greatest value to British Columbians. ICBC has defined a series of guiding principles that have influenced the design of the new model:​ 

  • Fund evidence-informed care that is necessary, medically advisable, and follows best-practices. 
  • Utilize function-based outcomes to support patient recovery. 
  • Provide seamless and timely access to care through proactive case management.
  • Customize the level of intervention and involvement to the unique needs of the patient.
  • Collaborate with physicians and health care providers towards the unified goal of a patient's recovery.

Below, find more information about key elements of Enhanced Care for health services.

Where to find more information about Enhanced Care

Check out our Enhanced Care FAQ for more information on what Enhanced Care means for health care providers.

Further information about the enhancements, what is changing for you, and helpful resources will be shared here and through your associations as we progress towards spring 2021.