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​Occupational therapists

Do you provide occupational therapy treatment to customers injured in a car crash?

ICBC recognizes the value that occupational therapists bring to the recovery process. By working together in partnership, we can help achieve the best possible outcomes for our mutual customers.

Occupational therapists who have set up their network to participate in ICBC's secured tunnel are able to easily and securely submit their reports to ICBC's centralized mailbox: Once submitted, your report will be added to ICBC's electronic claim file within 24 hours.

Please note that the centralized mailbox does not process password-protected reports. They will be deleted.

Both the new and current report submission processes will be available to OTs doing business with ICBC. You can choose which process works best for your business.

Current process: password-protected submissions to the file handler

If you did not initiate enrollment for a secured tunnel, please continue to submit your password protected reports directly to the file handler.

Submitting Invoices

All OTs should continue submitting their invoices to:

Your ICBC supplier account number

Occupational therapists working with ICBC are governed by the Performance standards for approved occupational therapists which outline service expectations and reporting requirements. Occupational therapy firms who wish to work with ICBC customers are required to submit an application for an ICBC supplier account number and have their participating occupational therapists submit a signed Participation Agreement confirming that they will adhere to these standards. This helps ensure ICBC customers continue to receive high-quality care, service and treatment. Occupational therapists who sign the agreement are placed on an approved list of service providers; however, being on the list does not guarantee work.

Application process

If your firm would like an ICBC supplier account number for Occupational Therapy, please email the following documents to

Firms that require a Supplier Account number:

  • Any firm that offers OT services
  • Multidisciplinary clinics that have OTs need a separate Supplier Account number to bill for OT services
  • Firms that have multiple locations but are owned and run by one central company only need one Supplier Account number. Otherwise, each location needs their own number.

Required documents:

  • Application - signed by applicant
  • Proof of malpractice and liability insurance
  • Proof of your WorkSafeBC coverage
  • Copy of your business license

Report templates for participating occupational therapists

Use the following reports when working with a customer:

Please send reports to the ICBC Claims Contact handling your customer's claim (in most circumstances:


  • When emailing invoices to, please follow these guidelines:
  • Only invoices are to be submitted to Do not send reconciliation lists or reports.
  • Individual invoices must be separate PDFs, with up to 20 invoices attached per email. One PDF document containing multiple invoices is not acceptable.
  • Include the claim number/customer name in the file name of each invoice attachment.
  • Do not send invoices previously submitted to ICBC. Duplicate invoices will cause processing delays.
  • These guidelines apply to both the new double-alpha files and older single-alpha claims.
  • Files must not be password protected.
  • Emailed drop box links and zip files are not acceptable.

The file handler will continue to be the first point of contact for payment enquiries.

ICBC contacts

For questions about:

  • claim, treatment approvals or invoice payment: contact the ICBC Claims Contact handling your customer's claim (in most circumstances:
  • application process: contact

Please use this form to forward general questions about treating ICBC claimants, or to request additional information about any of the enhancements that ICBC is implementing as part of the move to a care-based model. We will respond to you within 10 business days.