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​Are you providing physiotherapy to customers injured in a car crash? Here are a few things you need to know.

Treatment guidelines

Physiotherapists are expected to assess and determine their treatment plans in accordance with the College of Physical Therapists of B.C. (CPTBC) practice standards.

We encourage open dialogue with the ICBC Claims Contact about treatment plans and the therapy you provide.


When providing treatments for our customers, their ICBC Claims Contact may request you to submit this report:

Clinic treatments

Before starting treatment, please be sure to ask for your customer's claim number. This is all the information you need to begin treatment, however, we would also recommend you seek the ICBC Claims Contact information for future use.

 ICBC may fund up to 20 treatments before a physician needs to be involved. In the event a customer requires treatment beyond this limit, or if additional programs or services are required, please contact the ICBC Claims Contact responsible for the file to discuss your recommendations and seek approval.

Our rates for clinic treatments:

​Initial Visit:​$25.20
​Subsequent Visit:​$17.65
​Prolonged Visit:​$23.60
​Prolonged Visit CNS:​$35.90
​Home Visit:​$28.70
​Additional Area:​$6.75

(Up to three additional areas may be billed)

The customer is responsible for paying the fees exceeding the ICBC rate, if any.

For clinic visits, please submit treatment invoices to the B.C. Ministry of Health's Medical Services Plan via the Teleplan Portal.

If a physiotherapist is hired to perform one-on-one active sessions, these conditions apply:

  • Standard session is one hour
  • Session includes completion of charting and updates to other providers such as an occupational therapist
  • Pre-approval required if requesting longer session
  • Prorate if session is less than one hour or in a group setting


​$0.47/km plus 50% of the hourly rate for travel

​Rec Centre Fees:

​In addition to your physiotherapist rate, ICBC will fund the drop in fees at rec centres for both the provider and the customer. Receipts are required. ICBC does not pay facility fees for use of a gym owned by the provider/firm or on their premises.

​Prohibited Costs: 

​Administration costs such as file opening or booking appointments and time allotted for leaving voicemail/messages/texting.

The customer is responsible for paying fees exceeding ICBC rates, if any.

In-home treatments

This treatment is used when the customer has a catastrophic injury that prevents them from travelling to a clinic.

Our rates for in-home treatments:

​Home Visit:

$85/hour. Session includes completion of charting and updates to other providers.

​Prohibited Costs: 

​Administration costs such as file opening or booking appointments and time allotted for leaving voicemail/messages/texting.


​$0.47/km and 50% of the hourly rate for travel

The customer is responsible for paying fees exceeding the ICBC rate, if any.


Effective November 14, 2016, please complete our Health Service Provider Invoice for in-home and community sessions only. There is no change to Teleplan billing for clinic treatments. (NOTE: This form can only be used correctly if opened with Acrobat Reader XI and later, or Internet Explorer. If you're running Windows 7, the latest version of Internet Explorer that you can install is Internet Explorer 11) and email it to Please follow these guidelines:

  • Review the fee-for-service billing guide for additional information.
  • Only invoices are to be submitted to Do not send reconciliation lists or reports.
  • Individual invoices must be separate PDFs, with up to 20 invoices attached per email. One PDF document containing multiple invoices is not acceptable.
  • Include the claim number/customer name in the file name of each invoice attachment.
  • Do not send invoices previously submitted to ICBC. Duplicate invoices will cause processing delays.

These guidelines apply to both the new double-alpha files and older single-alpha claims.


If a report or assessment is requested, please take note of the following guidelines and email to

  • Submit only assessments or reports to Do not send invoices or reconciliation lists.
  • Indicate the claim number in the file name of each report.
  • Documents submitted to ICBC can be a maximum of 25 megabytes per email.
  • Files must not be password protected.
  • Emailed drop box links and zip files are not acceptable.

Your ICBC supplier account number

Currently only In-Home Physiotherapists need to obtain a supplier account number to bill ICBC directly. Clinic visits can be billed through MSP.

Keeping on top of your business accounts is easier when you're enrolled in our supplier system. You gain the convenience of receiving one combined payment along with a statement listing all paid invoices.

Please be aware that this number is strictly for billing purposes. It does not designate you as a preferred supplier or guarantee you work.

Application Process

If you would like an ICBC supplier account number for In-home Physiotherapy, please email the following documents to

  • Application - signed by applicant
  • Proof of membership with the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia (CPTBC) - in good standing
  • Proof of your WorkSafeBC coverage
  • Copy of your business license
  • Authorization for Direct Bank Deposit - signed by applicant, and a void cheque or document from the bank listing account information

ICBC contacts

For questions about:

  • claim, invoice payments and treatment extensions: contact the ICBC Claims Contact handling your customer's claim (in most circumstances:
  • application process: contact

Please use this form to forward general questions about treating ICBC claimants, or to request additional information about any of the enhancements that ICBC is implementing as part of the move to a care-based model. We will respond to you within 10 business days.