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Health services

​This site is for B.C. health service providers—our dedicated recovery partners who treat and support clients injured in automobile crashes.

A better, more affordable ICBC

The B.C. government and ICBC have announced changes to auto insurance. Coming in May 2021, Enhanced Care coverage will result in significantly enhanced care, recovery and wage loss benefits and provide long-term affordability and stability to auto insurance in B.C. To learn more, visit

Latest news

  •  January 1, 2020: We've created a new vendor number page for your reference
  • July 24: We've updated the HCPIR application to improve your experience. Visit our Support and resources page for HCPIR resources.
  • The B.C. government recently announced amendments to the Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation, which establishes a 60-day time limit for submitting receipts for medical care or rehabilitation expenses to ICBC.
  • The Ministry has established the roster of RCA physicians who are available to provide expedited medical consultations