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Invoicing and reporting

Are you providing treatment to patients injured in a car crash? ICBC is making the way you invoice for treatment and submit reports and requests simpler and more straightforward.

Health Care Provider Invoicing and Reporting (HCPIR)

Launch the HCPIR application to submit invoices and reports for all treatments delivered on or after April 1, 2019. Our flowcharts on invoicing and reporting and treatment and discharge can help you navigate when to use HCPIR.

We've updated the HCPIR application to improve its usability. Please note: the claim number validation on the Service Provider / Payee information page may take a few minutes to load — do not refresh the page during loading.

Launch the HCPIR application


Patients will have a set number of preauthorized treatments available within the first 12 weeks following a crash occurring on or after April 1, 2019. If a patient requires additional treatments beyond those 12 weeks, you can request a treatment extension through the HCPIR application.

In response to your questions around the recent changes to invoicing and reporting, we've compiled the most common questions and their answers.

Are you a Clinic Management Software Solution Vendor?

ICBC has issued a discontinuance of MSP-Teleplan billing services for physiotherapists and chiropractors, effective April 1, 2019. The Healthcare Provider Invoicing and Reporting (HCPIR) application that is replacing MSP-Teleplan will be available to an expanded list of providers for the invoicing and related reporting of services under the Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation. This is a web form application and has not been designed with integration in mind. In the future, ICBC will be moving invoicing and reporting to an authenticated portal that may provide integration opportunities. If you would like to learn more, let us know in the feedback form

ICBC Vendor Number

Keeping on top of your business accounts is easier when you're enrolled in our vendor system. You gain the convenience of receiving one combined payment, along with a statement listing all paid invoices. Payments can be received via electronic fund transfer (EFT), which is deposited directly to your nominated account.

Before you apply for or make updates to your vendor number, review our vendor number frequently asked questions and our job aid for updating your vendor number, as they may answer any questions you have.

Apply for a vendor number
Update your vendor number


What is a vendor number?

A vendor number is used to identify the clinic or practitioner that ICBC pays for the treatment service. This is the first number that is asked for on the web-based form, available April 1.

For example, if you are working as part of a clinic, the clinic's vendor number should be used when submitting invoices for treatments provided. If you are a sole proprietor or working on behalf of yourself, you should request a vendor number for submitting invoices related to the treatment that you provided. Whether to use the clinic vendor number, or the practitioner vendor number, will depend on the specific business arrangement of the practitioner.

If you have treated a patient previously who is insured by ICBC, you will find your vendor number on the vendor statement or EFT statement that you received from ICBC. Please ensure that you use the number identifying the clinic or practitioner that is paying you for providing your treatment service.

Please be aware that this number is strictly for billing purposes. It does not designate you as a preferred supplier or guarantee that you get work. ICBC will follow up with you in the near future about becoming an approved Health Services Business Partner, which is part of a reference and screening process to ensure that individuals or companies that wish to provide rehabilitation services to ICBC customers are qualified.

Application Process

If you are new to working with patients who are insured by ICBC, you can apply for a vendor number through this application form. The form will ask you for your name, address, business type and payment details. You should receive a reply from ICBC within three business days.

Please fill out the information on the form and click the send button to apply for your vendor number.

Please enrol in electronic fund transfer (EFT) and email the completed Authorization for Direct Bank Deposit, with attached void cheque, to the email address provided in the vendor application form.


The following health care providers can submit invoices and reports through the Health Care Provider Invoicing and Reporting (HCPIR) application:

  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Clinical counsellors
  • Kinesiologists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Psychologists
  • Registered massage therapists

The HCPIR application is used to submit invoices and related expenses regarding treatment and patient care.  You can also submit medical documentation such as reports and clinical records. To use the HCPIR application, you will need an ICBC vendor number, your customer's claim number and an updated browser version.

The B.C. government recently announced amendments to the Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation, which establishes a 60-day time limit for submitting receipts for medical care or rehabilitation expenses to ICBC.

The new limit gives a reasonable amount of time to submit receipts, while ensuring ICBC receives the information it needs to accurately assess the severity of claims, provide additional support to injured people, as needed, and better forecast future costs. Exceptions may be allowed in cases where people cannot meet the deadline due to the nature of their injuries or other factors which would constitute a reasonable excuse.

More information about the new HCPIR form, including instructional how-to videos and job aids, are available on the Support and resources page.

The following browsers support the HCPIR application: Chrome (version 68 or newer), Safari (version 11 or newer), Internet Explorer (version 11 or newer), Edge (version 40 or newer), Firefox (version 61 or newer), Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android.

Note: For all health care providers (except physicians), MSP Teleplan will no longer be supported as an invoicing method for services administered on April 1, 2019 and onward.

These guidelines apply to all claims (double-alpha and single-alpha claim numbers).

For services administered prior to April 1, 2019, please use the process noted below.


If you've received a request for clinical records from ICBC, you can upload and submit your records using the HCPIR application.

To submit reports to ICBC, complete the applicable PDF report upload using the HCPIR application.

Note: It is important to discuss with your patient the purpose of the initial or reassessment report and ensure that you have received their consent to share the report with ICBC, consistent with your consent and information sharing guidelines. Please ensure reports or information is shared with ICBC only where patient consent has been granted or where requested under legislation. For more information, review our Patient consent considerations.

ICBC is not permitted to request any other reports, diagnostic test results, or clinical records without patient consent.

Initial assessment report

An initial assessment report details the diagnosis of the patient's injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident and the recommended treatment plan. ICBC has combined the fee for assessment visits and reports for convenience. An initial assessment report is submitted to ICBC once a health care provider has formulated a diagnosis of their patients' injuries and should be completed in a reasonable amount of time from their initial visit.

Reassessment report

A reassessment report is completed upon request by ICBC, at or near 90 days after the patient's date of accident. It is provided to assess if a patient's rehabilitation and recovery is in line with their treatment plan, especially where a patient is not recovering as expected or additional barriers to recovery have been identified.

Services provided before April 1, 2019 and exception handling

For treatments and services administered before April 1, 2019, or to invoice for Claims Specialist-approved treatments that aren't identified as billable items in the HCPIR, complete our Health service provider invoice and submit per the following guidelines:

​Submission type​Send to​Guidelines
​Invoicing ​
  • Only submit invoices 
  • Each invoice must be a separate PDF, with up to 20 invoices attached per email
  • Include the claim number, patient name and your ICBC vendor number
  • Do not send previously submitted invoices, as duplicate invoices will cause processing delays
  • Only submit assessments or reports, with one report (max file size: 25 MB) per email
  • Include the claim number and patient name
  • Do not send password-protected files, dropbox links or zip files

These guidelines apply to all claims (double-alpha and single-alpha claim numbers).

Treatment extension request

Should additional treatments, beyond those that have been preauthorized, be required for a patient's rehabilitation and recovery, a treatment extension request can be submitted to ICBC. This can be submitted directly through the HCPIR form and will assist in receiving a timely response to your request. Any direct billing to ICBC beyond the pre-authorized period or number of sessions will require approval from the claims specialist.