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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Treatment plan

Here you'll find key information on what treatment plans are, how they will be used and why they are being introduced.​​

Treatment plans are a means of documenting our customers' progress to date and the functional outcomes that they will achieve with further treatment. This information enables ICBC claims representatives to make fair, consistent, and evidence-informed benefit decisions and enables treatment continuity and access.

Practitioners are encouraged to proactively submit treatment plans as soon as they identify that the customer will require additional care beyond the early access period or there is indication that the customer's recovery is not progressing as expected. Note that treatment plans are non-compensable.

Treatment plan requirements

​Treatment plans must outline

  • The functional progress made to date and the functional or return-to-work goals that will be achieved through additional treatments.
  • The active interventions t​hat are planned to achieve the listed recovery goals.
  • Other factors that may be contributing to our customers' recovery.

​​ICBC claims representatives may contact health care providers when further information about the treatment recommendations and function-based outcomes outlined in a treatment plan is required. 

Treatment plan submission

Treatment plans are submitted through the Health Care Provider Portal (HCPP) or or the Health Care Provider Invoicing and Reporting (HCPIR) application.

If you are submitting a treatment plan outside of the HCPP or HCPIR application, please complete the fillable Treatment plans (pdf) and submit it to the applicable email

Plans for massage therapy and acupuncture can be submitted directly to the ICBC claims contact.