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Accessing the Health Care Provider portal

If you have not yet logged on or are new to working with ICBC, we've created a page about How to get access to the portal.

Logging on for the first time? You'll need your ICBC vendor number, your PIN provided by ICBC and the email address you want associated with your PIN.

Logging on again? You'll need your ICBC vendor number and PIN – no email address required.

Help with submitting reports, treatment plans or invoices

Our Contact us page​ provides resources and contact information.​​

Invoice and payment status

If you have submitted an invoice for payment through the portal, it will show one of five possible statuses:

  • Approved: Invoice is approved and payment is pending​
  • Completed: Payment has been issued
  • In Review: Invoice is pending review
  • Reversed: payment has been reversed
  • Rejected: Invoice has been rejected

If you're waiting for a payment from ICBC, it will show one of four possible statuses:

  • In progress: Payment has been requested
  • Issued: Payment has been issued
  • Reversed: Payment has been reversed
  • Rejected: Invoice has been rejected​

Changing your email address

If you want to change the email address associated with your vendor number or PIN, contact the Health Care Inquiry Unit, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

  • Lower Mainland: 604-587-7150
  • Toll-free: 1-888-717-7150.

Lost, forgotten or expired PIN

If you've lost or forgotten your PIN, you can reset it online or contact our Health Care Inquiry Unit.

If your last portal login was more than six months ago, your PIN may be expired and you'll be unable to access the portal. Contact the Heath Care Inquiry Unit to activate a new PIN.

Find more information about PIN security at Managing your ICBC portal PIN.​

Unauthorized PIN access

If you think someone has accessed your PIN and used it without your knowledge and consent, contact the Health Care Inquiry Unit immediately.

You can also reset your PIN online and view your login activity (login required) if you suspect misuse of your PIN.

Portal lockout

For your security, three failed login attempts will lock you out of the portal. Subsequent attempts will extend the lockout period.

Please try logging in again after the lockout period has passed.

If you require urgent access, contact our Health Care Inquiry Unit.​​

​Kaspersky anti-virus software users​

Vendors with Kaspersky anti-virus software installed may have issues loading the portal or the HCPIR application. 

This is likely due to an “inject script” setting enabled on the software. Disabling this setting in Kasperky should resolve the issue.

How to disable the inject script setting 

1. In the Settings menu, go to Network settings 

2. Under Traffic processing, de-select “Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages”

3. Click Save. 

Once disabled, open a new browser tab to access the portal or HCPIR.

You can re-enable this setting once you have finished using the portal or HCPIR.​​