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​​Medical equipment providers

Are you a Mobility Devices and Durable Medical Equipment provider listed under the Master Standing Agreement​ who provides equipment to customers injured in a car crash? Here are a few things you should know.​​


Effective March 7, 2021, medical equipment providers who meet the below requirements are able to directly invoice ICBC​ through the Health Care Provider Invoicing and Reporting (HCPIR) application and Health Care Provider Portal.

The medical equipment provider must:

If you do not already have a vendor number or you need to make changes to your vendor information, visit our Vendor number page.

If you would like a step-by-step guide on how to use the HCPIR application, you can reference our guide on Using HCPIR for medical equipment providers​.​

Fees & approvals

Prior to submitting invoices directly to ICBC, the medical equipment provider must ensure that:

  • The equipment has been pre-authorized by the ICBC claims representative, and,
  • The fee charged is in accordance with the MSA agreement, for all equipment covered under the agreement, or,
  • The equipment has otherwise been provided to the customer with pre-authorization by the ICBC claims representative.

ICBC is not obligated to fund unauthorized invoicing of medical equipment by vendors that are not contracted under the MSA or that have not obtained pre-authorization by the ICBC claims representative.​