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Issues and notifications

The issues and notifications listed below will be updated in real time when we find an issue that a collision or glass repair facility needs to know about. We recommend you check this page often to keep up to date.

Issues will be updated to “Workaround” when a workaround is available.

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Glass & Collision scorecards temporarily removed Entegral

The Entegral scorecard update scheduled for April 7th, 2021 experienced technical difficulties. As a result the latest Entegral scorecard has been removed until the situation is resolved

Collision & Glass Repair FacilitiesNew
Missing Cycle Time EntriesEntegral

​There have been identified a number of paid estimates, which do not have "Key to Key cycle time" or" Average Labour Hours per Day" measures attributed to them and do not meet any of the exclusion conditions. Some discrepancy between the count of Estimatic and Cycle Time records is expected due to the various exclusions to the Dataset, however a 10,565 gap has been identified.

Collision Repair FacilitiesNew
0 Day Cycle TimeEntegral

Same day repairs, where Key to Key cycle time values which fall under 1 day, are currently being represented as 0.0 days in the KPI calculations. Across the entirety of the program, there exists a possible 7,755 impacted repairs records.

This is not impacting the average labour hours per day calculation.

Investigation is ongoing, once resolved the historical record and affected scores will be re-calculated.

Collision Repair FacilitiesNew
QA claim-level DetailsEntegral

​The display of the claim-level details for QA KPIs are currently not displaying correctly resulting in a limited number of both missing and duplicating QA's. The facility aggregate and scores calculations are correct, this is limited to populated view of the claim level details.

Collision & Glass Repair FacilitiesNew
Mis-attributed Failed Windshield RepairsEntegral

In the case where a failed windshield repair is attempted by one repair facility and the replacement is processed by a separate facility, the failed windshield repair is currently being attributed to the facility processing the replacement rather than the original repair that failed.

Investigation is ongoing, once resolved the historical record and affected scores will be re-calculated.

Glass Repair FacilitiesNew
Cycle time FAQs updated

​The cycle time FAQs have been updated.

Collision Repair FacilitiesNew
Customer Satisfaction Index Score DelayEntegral

Scorecards - Integration difficulties between ICBC and Mitchell Autochex has delayed CSI data to be included into the scheduled July scorecard upload. The 75% value will continue to display to all facilities, with a planned manual refresh of the scorecard to include real CSI values once available in Mid-August.

Collision & Glass Repair FacilitiesNew
QA Assessment Variance formattingQAPM, Entegral

​The QA Assessment Variance measure is currently passed to the Entegral scorecard as a decimal (example: 0.118) as oppose to a percentage. This only impacts the display which rounds to 1 decimal place, the score and ranking calculations are functioning correctly utilizing the full precision of the measure value. Example: Current Scorecard display 00.1%, Intended display 11.8%.

This has been resolved for the aggregate calculation display, however the claim-level details still display the incorrect format.

Collision Repair FacilitiesNew