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Please be advised there will be a planned Mitchell outage from 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 10 to 5 a.m. on Sunday, June 11.
Last updated Wednesday, May 24, 2023 03:30 PM

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Resolved issues

The following collision or glass repair facility issues have now been resolved. We recommend you check this page often to keep up to date.

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Missing QA recordsQAPM, Entegral

Certain updates to QA records are not being received by the Entegral scorecard calculation. This is not impacting the QA dashboard or the ability to dispute. Functionally this has caused 600+ collision and glass QAs to be omitted from score calculation or scorecard display. The Source of this issue has been identified, and the incorrect records will be reflected on the Entegral scorecard with a manual refresh update at the end of next week.

Collision & Glass Repair FacilitiesResolved
Inverted Average Labour Hours Per Day ScoreEntegral

​Scorecards - The scoring calculation applied to the Average Labour Hours Per Day measure is inverted, The "Average Labour Hours Per Day" measurement should be rewarding the facilities with the highest average hours per day with the highest scores. Currently the system is applying the highest scores to the lowest hours per day. Once the system issue is corrected, the scorecards will reflect this measure as it was designed. This fix is scheduled to be reflected in the manual refresh of the Entegral Scorecard at the end of next week.

Collision Repair FacilitiesResolved
Delayed Scorecard UpdatesEntegral

Entegral scorecard update scheduled for June 5th, 2020 failed due to an ICBC technical and process defect. A temporary fix has been implemented providing ICBC with corrected data internally. This manual correction step interrupts the regular scheduled uploads and may result in upload delays. A long-term fix is in progress.

Collision & Glass Repair FacilitiesResolved
Mis-attributed QA formsQAPM, Entegral

​A data mapping error between ICBC systems is impacting a limited number of dual repair facilities (Collision and Glass). A fix is in progress and all score data will be re-cast once the mapping error is fixed.

Collision & Glass Repair FacilitiesResolved
Printing GWE invoicesGWE

​Please be advised, you may experience issues with printing a GWE invoice. Our technical teams are currently investigating. In the interim please try saving the invoice to a PDF, Desktop or File folder, and printing the invoice from there. Thank you for your patience as we continue to investigate.

Glass Repair FacilitiesResolved
Score Card - higher than expected failed repairEntegral
in select instances windshield replacements are showing up as failed repairs resulting in failed repair rate higher than expected
Glass Repair FacilitiesResolved
Glass Score Card not updatedEntegral

G​lass score card data ​upload was not sucessfully uploaded into Entegral, the issues is currently being worked on.​

Collision Repair FacilitiesResolved