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​​Material damage services 

Our material damage partners help ICBC customers deal with vehicle damage and repairs. This section is for, but is not limited to, collision repair, glass repair, mechanical, heavy equipment, motor dealers and tow companies.

Providing services in a safe environment is our top priority, so we're making some important changes. Find out how they affect you.

A better, more affordable ICBC

The B.C. government and ICBC have announced changes to auto insurance. Coming in May 2021, Enhanced Care coverage will result in significantly enhanced care, recovery and wage loss benefits and provide long-term affordability and stability to auto insurance in B.C. To learn more, visit​

ICBC introduces Basic Vehicle Damage coverage

ICBC is introducing Basic Vehicle Damage coverage (BVDC) and Enhanced Care coverage starting May 1, 2021.

It works like this: if you are driving in B.C. and another driver is responsible for crashing into your vehicle, your own Basic Vehicle Damage coverage will cover your repair costs up to the amount you are not responsible. This is a change from today where the insurance policy of the driver responsible for the crash pays for the other driver's vehicle damages.

The introduction of Basic Vehicle Damage coverage will not fundamentally change any ICBC processes for our material damage suppliers. Most customers won't notice any difference when they make a vehicle damage claim, and the change won't impact any Enhanced Care cost savings coming their way.

Basic Vehicle Damage coverage will include a maximum coverage limit of $200,000 for vehicle damages – enough coverage to repair or replace 99% of vehicles insured in British Columbia. Drivers who have purchased ICBC's optional collision coverage will be covered for any vehicle repairs above the $200,000 limit.

Enhanced Care will save most drivers an average of 20% on their ICBC basic and optional auto insurance, while ensuring access to better care and recovery benefits for people injured in crashes.

BVDC highlights for you starting May 1, 2021:​

  • There is no deductible for BVDC and making a claim under BVDC does not impact your customers' insurance premiums. 

  • The BVDC limit of $200K will cover the cost to repair or replace a vehicle, including permanently attached equipment.

  • If the customer is partially responsible for a claim, BVDC pays up to the amount they are not responsible for the crash. Optional ICBC collision coverage, if purchased, will cover the remaining cost of vehicle repairs.

  • Expenses for towing, storage and Loss of Use will be included in BVDC and will not be subject to the $200K limit.

  • Accelerated depreciation will not be covered under BVDC, nor will it be paid out under any other ICBC coverage.

Depreciation will be applied to all vehicle repairs under BVDC, and will not be waived when the customer is not responsible.

For more information on Enhanced Care and BVDC, review our Frequently asked questions​.


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