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Collision repair program redesign

Collision program redesign and launch of industry road show

May 8, 2019

As you know, since November, ICBC has been working with the Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) to redesign its collision repair program to ensure our customers continue to receive safe, prompt repairs at the best market value. 

Further to the last update (December 19, 2018), we're pleased to share with you that ICBC has completed the initial program redesign with valuable input from the IAC. With third-party facilitation and active participation from committee members, ICBC met with the IAC 10 times, from November to the end of April, to discuss key concepts of the new tiering model.

The redesigned program will focus on long-term trends shaping the changes in the collision industry, effectively manage performance and control, and will reward and promote high-performing suppliers. It will also reflect feedback from industry and be mutually beneficial and sustainable. 

The redesign will allow ICBC and industry to introduce changes that will minimize service impacts while enhancing industry efficiency. These long-term efficiencies, coupled with performance management enhancements, will remove road blocks for industry while ensuring our mutual customers continue to receive safe, prompt repairs. The redesign provides the opportunity to build the best possible program that enables ICBC to attain the best market value while supporting the viability of industry.

Although IAC and ICBC's views differ on some aspects, the committee agrees the proposed program redesign is a significant improvement and aims to introduce incentives to drive savings and benefits for both industry and ICBC.

What's next?

Starting in late May and running for a month, ICBC, with the support of IAC members, will be sharing with you the program design elements through small-group discussions in all regions around the province. You will receive an invitation about three weeks before the sessions are held in your region and will be asked to RSVP. 

The industry road show is designed to encourage two-way communication and feedback on the program redesign before it is complete. ICBC will collect all feedback, report back to you, and apply recommendations, where feasible, following the road show.

ICBC would like to express appreciation and to sincerely thank the IAC members for their time, energy, and expertise during these working sessions. This process represents the first step toward rebuilding a positive relationship with industry as we stand shoulder to shoulder as partners in this change.

The undersigned look forward to talking with you about the program redesign at the upcoming road show coming to your area soon.

Greg Beauregard, Director, Material Damage & Fraud Strategy & Programs

Industry Advisory Committee
Automind Collision Group - Oliver Teal
Azorcan Collision Centre - Mike Praticante
Boyd Autobody & Glass - Brent McFarlane
Craftsman Collision Ltd. - Mike O'Callaghan
CSN Collision Centres - Jay Hayward
Dawson Creek Collision - Michelle Rolls
Fix Automotive Network - Terry Kayser
Harbour View Collision Ltd. - Kameron Towe
Kirmac Collision & Autoglass - Sean McIntosh
Lift Auto Group - Michael Schurink
Meadowridge Collision Ltd. - John Beard
Miller/Davis Group - Sue Majeau
OpenRoad/Richmond Auto Body - Peter DeSantis
Tsawwassen Collision Ltd. - Peter Sziklai
ARA Collision Repair Division – Dave Ribeiro

Update on collision repair program redesign

December 19, 2018

Last month, ICBC announced the establishment of an Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) that will provide input on the redesign of our collision repair supplier program.

Since then, the committee has met four times and - thanks to effective third-party facilitation and active participation by members - it has made good progress.

Topics that have been discussed to-date include:

  • Opportunities for improvement in the relationship between ICBC and suppliers
  • Industry trends
  • Performance measurement
  • Governance and compliance
  • Customer experience
  • Regional differences
  • Training, equipment and certifications ensuring safe, quality repairs
  • Tiering models and structures

In the New Year, the IAC will address the following topics:

  • Supplier requirements (program entry) and application process
  • Performance management
  • Reporting, compliance and enforcement
  • Claims management
  • Technology integration
  • Implementation and timelines
  • Tiering model overview
  • Transition period

The input provided by the IAC on these topics is taken into consideration by ICBC as we make decisions about the new tiering models.

What's next?

Six additional meetings are planned for early in the New Year, with completion of the IAC's work expected by the end of February 2019. Thereafter, the proposed model will be brought forward to collision suppliers for further feedback.

More information

In order to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of the IAC meetings, we are unable to share details concerning the committee's discussions. However, we will update this page as more information becomes available.

Should you have any questions about the work of the IAC, please direct them to ICBC using the program redesign enquiry form.

Many thanks to the IAC members who are contributing their time and energy to this process. ICBC looks forward to further progress in our development of a refreshed collision repair supplier program that promotes improvement in quality, consistency, timeliness, and overall performance.