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​Update on glass program redesign

December 19, 2018

Last month, ICBC announced the establishment of an Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) that will provide input on the redesign of our glass supplier program.  

Since then, the committee has met two times and - thanks to effective third-party facilitation and active participation by members – it has made good progress.

Topics that have been discussed to date include:

  • Opportunities for improvement in the relationship between ICBC and suppliers
  • Industry trends
  • Supplier requirements (program entry) and application process
  • Tiering models and structures

In the New Year, the IAC will address the following topics:

  • Supplier performance management
  • Performance, reporting, compliance and enforcement
  • Claims management and the customer experience  
  • Technology integration
  • Implementation and timelines
  • Tiering model overview
  • Transition period 

The input provided by the IAC on these topics is taken into consideration by ICBC as we make decisions about the new tiering models.

What's next?

Three additional meetings are planned for early in the New Year, with completion of the IAC's work expected by the end of January 2019. Thereafter, the proposed model will be brought forward to glass suppliers for further feedback.

More information

In order to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of the IAC meetings, we are unable to share details concerning the committee's discussions. However, we will update the website as information becomes available.

Should you have any questions about the work of the IAC, please direct them to ICBC using the program redesign enquiry form.

Many thanks to the IAC members who are contributing their time and energy to this process. ICBC looks forward to further progress as we work to develop a refreshed glass supplier program that promotes improvement in quality, consistency, timeliness, and overall performance.