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Mitchell Questions

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Hot topics

What do I do when I see a compliance utility warning or failure?

Please see the Mitchell Compliance Utility Reminder.

Estimates, Assignments & Claims

How do I format the estimate so it appears with our Shop name?

Open the existing estimate.

Click the Admin tab, then point to the Names subtab.

In the Estimate Header section, click the drop-down and select the company name.

Print preview the estimate to verify the information is correct.

What's the difference between Paintless Repair and Paintless Dent Repair?

If you are writing or reviewing an estimate with long expansion notes (see example screenshot), please note that Paintless Repair refers simply to an operation in which paint is not required. Do NOT delete this operation. Paintless DENT Repair is a different operation entirely.

I just pulled an appraisal assignment and it was immediately cancelled?

When contacting MD Tech to have an appraisal assignment created for you for an ICBC claim, please wait 5 minutes after it has been created before attempting to retrieve it.

If an appraisal assignment gets cancelled immediately after you've retrieved it then try retrieving it again. If you're not successful please contact MD Tech for further assistance.

The Loss type on the claim shows as Comprehensive when it should be Collision.

Express MOI Appraisal assignments created prior to April 20, 2017 may show the loss type as Comprehensive when it should be Collision. Please contact our Express department to have this corrected for you.

What do I need to consider when I'm setting up a new computer or updating my computer?

If you are adding a new computer or updating the operating system on your shop computers please contact Mitchell's TAC for assistance with installing the Mitchell software and validating the installation prior to writing estimates.

Are there any manufacturers not supported by Mitchell?

At this time Mitchell does not have parts or procedures data for the following vehicles / motorcycles:

  • All Yamaha motorcycles
  • All Kawasaki motorcycles
  • All Tesla vehicles
  • 2014-2017 Kia Rondo
  • 2017 Kia Forte Koup

Mitchell is continuously working with OEM manufacturers to add vehicle and parts data to their systems. Once they've been added you will automatically receive the updates to your Mitchell estimating system. At this time we do not have a timeframe when the listed vehicles will be available.

When writing an estimate for any of the listed vehicles / motorcycles you will need to enter parts information manually.

Some appraisal assignments are missing the deductible information.

Some Express MOI appraisal assignments may incorrectly show the deductible amount as "$0, Unknown". Check the Journal entries on the claim for the correct deductible information.

Why are there multiple deductible journal entries on the claim?

We've designed our systems to make sure you have the latest deductible information on a claim as soon as it changes in our claims system. As a result you may see multiple entries as the claim is created and updated by an adjuster.

All new claims start with the deductible set to $0 and Unknown. Once an adjuster sets the deductible on a claim we will update it for you in Mitchell. This can happen fairly quickly after the claim is created and may continue to change as the adjuster processes the claim.

Why does Mitchell Connect report the claim does not exist?

When retrieving an Express MOI appraisal assignment make sure the claim number is entered in the correct format. See the example below:


Make sure to enter the dashes with no spaces in between and also make sure to enter the Suffix letter at the end. If the customer provides you a claim number without the suffix then add the 'A' suffix to the end. Also confirm the vehicle registration number you obtained from the customer.

If you have entered the claim details correctly and you're still unable to retrieve the claim then please contact MD Tech for further assistance.

Should I still submit an estimate that did not run through compliance checks?

All estimates must run through compliance prior to submitting the estimate for approval in order to ensure it can be submitted for payment.

If the compliance results window does not display, then your estimate did not run through compliance. If compliance did not run for your estimate, please contact Mitchell TAC immediately as there may be an issue with your Mitchell software installation.

How do I add ATS to an estimate?

ATS is added via the General tab under the Administrative section of Mitchell Estimating.

I've already started the estimate for a claim in Audatex, do I need to re-write it in Mitchell or can I continue in Audatex?

A: If you have not submitted the Audatex estimate to ICBC you can choose to continue in Audatex or re-write the estimate in Mitchell. If you have already submitted the Audatex estimate then you must continue in Audatex, this includes any further supplements. For ICBC written Audatex estimates, you will continue to be able to retrieve and supplement them in Audatex.

Remember - all new claims must be started in Mitchell.

How do shops submit an estimate for payment?

Once the status in Mitchell Connect indicates approved, a shop can submit the estimate for payment. At this point the payment process has not changed. For Express repair claims, please continue to submit your invoice via APR.


What do I do if I get an error in Mitchell?

Refer to the Mitchell error messages job aid for instructions.

Can we get an explanation of what aftermarket parts codes mean? For example "N" and "C" codes?

The "C" and "N" you see beside a part in Mitchell Estimating designates the part type as entered by the parts supplier in their data submissions;

  • N represents NSF certification
  • C represents CAPA certification

You may also see additional codes;

  • R represents Remanufactured
  • O represents OEM


I've lost my Mitchell account number/username/password, who do I contact?

For all account ID/password requests, please contact: Mitchell's Technical Assistance Center (TAC), at:

Mitchell's Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

Mon - Fri, 5am - 5pm | Sat: 7am - 11am
or go online to:

What do I do if I get an error that says: this claim does not exist, please contact carrier?

Make sure that the claim number (including suffix ID) and Registration number have been entered correctly, including the dashes. For example:

Claim Number: EA12571-2-A
Registration Number: 10455600

When a space is used instead of dash (-) in the claim number, the following error message will appear:

"Claim number cannot contain special characters"

If the error message is displayed even after the claim number has been entered correctly, it means the claim does not have an Express Repair MOI created. Contact MD Tech (604-777-4600 or 1-877-777-4607).


Can we use CarPart for our recycled parts searches?

ICBC remains committed to Allied Information Networks and the Recycled Parts Locator (RPL) as our approved integrated parts solution. ICBC does not support, nor endorse the use of any other locator.

If your facility does not use the Allied system, ICBC cannot verify any researched recycled parts. Therefore, if your facility chooses to utilize another recycled parts system along with the Allied Network (e.g. CarPart, telephone search, etc.) it is up to your facility to document any search that has been completed.

Where is the vehicle registration number on the estimate?

Mitchell's estimate does not include the vehicle registration number. It is recommended that you get the registration documents from the customer.

What happens if I accidentally add a dollar amount for an additional labour operation?

If a "Price" (dollar value) is entered instead of Labour Unit (time) when adding an 'Additional Operation' labour item to an estimate, the payment will be stopped in (APR). See the APR mismatch error guide for full details.

Should estimators set the camera resolution higher for a better quality image on the Ricoh's now that we are using Mitchell estimating and the photo storage is no longer an issue?

Yes staff can increase the image size when taking images for Mitchell estimates. However I would caution not to use the largest setting, when testing the file size I found that at the highest setting I could only take 7-10 images before the memory on the camera ran out.

How often does Mitchell publish OEM part price updates?

Mitchell publishes OEM part prices automatically to you throughout the month. The schedule will vary depending on when the manufacturers publish part prices.

All new estimates will be based on the latest part prices. On writing a supplement after a part price update you will be prompted to accept the updated pricing. You can choose to accept the updated pricing if you haven't already ordered parts.

Reminder - always reconcile your parts invoice before submitting for payment.

I've lost my Mitchell account number/username/password, who do I contact?

For all account ID/password requests, please contact: Mitchell's Technical Assistance Center (TAC), at:

Mitchell's Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
Mon - Fri, 5am - 5pm | Sat: 7am - 11am
or go online to:

Can we use the Mitchell software for private (non-insurance) work?

Yes, we encourage you to get as familiar with the software as you can before ICBC moves to the new systems.


Training & support

What training was provided?

All training was provided by Mitchell International, and available online. Shop staff should have completed the basic Mitchell training. It will continue to be available via MiPortal Mitchell training website.

What kind of support will be provided?

For technical issues, please contact Mitchell directly:

Mitchell's Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
Mon - Fri, 5am - 5pm | Sat: 7am - 11am
or go online to:

Mitchell Editorial requests

For labour time corrections, please contact Mitchell's Editorial team via:

Phone: 1-800-448-4401, Monday - Friday, 6:30am - 5:00pm PST

101 - The basics
What version of Mitchell's TechAdvisor will the Shops receive?

For additional information about the premium version which includes imports and Frame/Body Specs among other data, please contact Frank Vaski ( 778-822-1956) or DaShawn Keirsey ( 858-368-7117)

What is MDSS?

The Material Damage Strategic Solution (MDSS) is the overarching strategy for the $1.6B MD book of business. MDSS replaced the ARIES/Audatex platform for estimate workflow, total loss, and reporting with Mitchell International's estimating solution.

The MD estimating platform is a major enabler for improving how MD manages its operations, works with business partners and delivers customer service.

In addition to integrating with ClaimCenter, the solution provides an improved workflow and communication experience, robust compliance tools and enhanced reporting capabilities.

What is the scope of MDSS?

The first phase of MDSS delivered a core estimating platform, including estimate assignments, estimating, total loss, compliance and audit, reporting, supplier governance and administration, and estimate payment.

A future phase may include the implementation of commercial (heavy equipment) estimating.

The scope does not include glass estimating nor salvage, as our existing functionality in ClaimCenter meets our current needs.

Why was Mitchell selected?

Mitchell International, Inc. was selected as the lead vendor based on their ability to best meet identified business requirements that were assessed during our rigorous procurement process.

Business changes

What MD systems have been replaced?

The following MD systems have been replaced: Audatex ADXE, ARIES Web Express (AWE), Recycled Parts Locator\Allied Parts Source (RPL), Claims Document and Image System (CDIS) (for Express Repair shops). ARIES Payment Request (APR) will remain to support payment reporting and processing. Claims Document and Image System (CDIS) will still be available for Glass Express shops and Commercial Heavy Equipment.


Who has been affected by MDSS?

There are more than 4,000 stakeholders have been impacted by the implementation of MDSS.

More than 1,200 industry entities, including:

  • Express Repair body shops
  • Base shops
  • Aftermarket and recycled parts suppliers
  • OEM parts suppliers
  • Heavy equipment suppliers
  • Industry associations

Most of the ICBC staff in Claims (approx. 2,600 people), including:

  • All managers and staff in Material Damage
  • All Claims Customer Services adjusters and administrative employees
  • All Injury Services adjusters
  • Most folks in Claims Services

What are the benefits for industry?

There are a number of benefits for repair facilities, including enhanced (electronic) communications with ICBC, improved cycle time, ease of use, and up-front edits that will ease new repair facility staff ramp-up time, etc).

Additional benefits include the ability to attach all types of documents, (e.g. estimates, invoices, photos, reports, etc.), access to audit and compliance tools to reduce unnecessary supplements and delays, and secure capabilities and electronic repair status notification for customers.

Was industry involved in planning and implementation?

Yes, we formed the MDSS Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) to help build industry readiness for changes and training, and support implementation planning, rollout and sustainment.