Base towing supplier requirements

Requirements suppliers must meet to qualify as an ICBC base towing supplier.


Towing facilities and/or tow operators must comply with all applicable laws and regulations to qualify as an ICBC base towing supplier, including but not limited to:
  • the ownership and operation of motor vehicles
  • the protection of the environment, and
  • health and safety.
When the requirement is the … The supplier must ...
storage yard
  • provide proof of properly zoned and licence storage yard(s) and/or building(s) in each city, district or municipality where it operates, and
  • must be able to store damaged disabled vehicle for over 24 hours.
Important: The zoning must include storing damaged disabled vehicles.
vehicle storage all vehicles must be stored within the approved, safe, separate, enclosed, and secured storage yard(s) and/or building(s).
listed address list the storage yard(s) and/or building(s) address as the facility address.
towing capability
  • be capable to recover and tow all vehicles in Towing Category I, and
  • have at least one Class IV or equivalent gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) manufacturer’s chassis towing vehicle.
towing business licence have a current vehicle towing business licence for each city, district or municipality where it operates.
operator licence
ensure each towing supplier operator has:
  • a valid driver’s licence, and
  • a valid air brake endorsement applicable to the type of towing vehicle and/or trailer and the GVWR of the vehicle being operated.
24 hour dispatch have 24 hour towing dispatch service.
fleet declaration provide a list annually, of all vehicles assigned to a claim office location(s).
vehicle certificates and inspection
  • complete vehicle certification and inspection annually
  • provide a copy of the current vehicle registration certificate for a towing vehicle assigned to a specific claims office towing rotation list, and
  • have every vehicle ready for inspection, upon request.
access to customer vehicle provide reasonable access to a customers’ vehicle during normal business hours at no charge.
multiple location accounts have separate account and facility for each location when the supplier has storage yard(s) and/or building(s) in more than one city, district or municipality.
invoicing invoice ICBC based on the account and facility number attached to the storage yard(s) and/or building(s) closest to where the vehicle was originally picked up.
direct billing

direct bill ICBC when

  • a requested and dispatched towing supplier tows a vehicle:
    • directly to their storage yard(s) and/or building(s), or
    • a collision repair facility from an accident/ and/or recovery situation, and
    • ICBC coverage has responded
  • an ICBC towing request has been requested by ICBC, and
  • ICBC towing Invoice has been received.