Manage a tow request to a sublet repair facility

Claims support assistants manage requests from collision repair program facilities for tows to a sublet repair facility.

When this applies

Collision repair program facilities can request a tow to another repair facility without ICBC approval when there is a repair requirement that the originating facility cannot complete and/or perform, including the removal of major mechanical components. These facilities are not permitted to request that ICBC facilitate a tow to another collision repair program facility.
Note: If the vehicle can be driven to the sublet repair facility, requests must not be made to tow the vehicle.


  1. Collision repair program participant
    1. Completes the Collision Repair Facility Tow Request (CL774) form, including
      • the minimum required fields under facility shop information
      • selecting "Yes" to "Is the vehicle reparable and requires a tow to a sublet repair facility?"
      • all required fields under the Tow to Location section of the form
      • relevant information required for the Additional information or comments section of the form, including
        • name of the contact person at the sublet repair facility
        • location of the faciity, including where to drop off the vehicle at the facility, and
        • any special instructions regarding critical vehicle condition, such as whether the front suspension is removed.
    2. Ensures that the sublet facility is aware of the delivery of the vehicle.
    3. Determines that the vehicle must be towed to a different repair facility.
    4. Completes and submits the Collision Repair Facility Tow Request (CL774) form
      Important: ICBC approval is not required.
  2. Claim support assistant
    1. Validates the claim information from the Collision Repair Facility Tow Request (CL774).
    2. Drags and drops the tow request email into Documents in WorkCenter.
    3. Creates a Request Vehicle Tow activity, adding "SHOP TO SHOP" in the subject field, which assigns to the Tow Support queue.
    4. Enter nearest servicing claims office as the Assignment Location.
  3. Admin at claims office
    1. Issues tow request.
    Note: Once the tow and repairs are completed. there is a secondary tow request from the sublet facility back to the originating collision repair facility. This is the responsibility of the originating facility.
  4. Collision repair program facility
    1. Completes a secondary Collision Repair Facility Tow Request (CL774) form, including
      • updating the sublet location and address to the sublet facility in Facility Shop Information
      • selecting Yes under the "Is this vehicle repairable and requires a tow to a sublet repair facility?"
      • updating the drop-off facility to the address of the originating facility in Tow to Location
      • including any relevant information that would facilitate the return tow to the originating facility.
  5. Claims support assistant
    1. Repeats the previous tasks in Step 2, to
      • validate the information on the CL774, and
      • facilitate the tow request.