Policy on the Tesla toolbox

Guidelines on the use of the Tesla toolbox.


Tesla vehicles are equipped with an on-board toolbox that is used to perform diagnostics scans and repairs. The toolbox is accessed with a laptop and Tesla credentials.

Scanning and diagnostic scan results must be kept on file in accordance with documentation requirements set out in the Collision Repair Program Guide.


The labour time of 1.0 hour consists of 0.7 hours to connect and access the Toolbox, and 0.3 hours to run one calibration operation. Any additional calibration operation for a separate system is 0.3 hours

Example: After the installation of an electromechanical brake booster, a Firmware Redeploy and booster set up test are required. The labour time to complete both of these operations is 1.3 hours.

This Toolbox operation is paid at ICBC's mechanical rate.

Note: The labour times are for Tesla Approved Body Shop purposes only. The time to perform Toolbox operations are included in the labour times used by Tesla Service Centers.