Handling a non-driveable vehicle before it is towed to ICBC

The claims representative and customer work together to locate the non-driveable vehicle as well as the vehicle and non-vehicle items to ensure everything is organized before it is towed to ICBC.


The customer has


  1. Claims representative
    1. Helps the customer if they are still at the crash scene.
    2. Locates the non-driveable vehicle.
  2. Customer
    1. Provides the location(s) of vehicle and non-vehicle items.
      All sets of keys and fobs, and personal belongings still in the vehicle.
    2. Chooses the preferred repair facility name and location.
    Refer to the topic, Policy on advising customer about repair facilities for detailed information about repair facilities.
  3. Claims representative
    1. Updates the vehicle incident in the claim.
    2. Confirms the non-drive estimate activity is on the claim.