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​​​Key changes under Enhanced Care

Starting in May 2021, Enhanced Care will change the way your insurance coverages works after a crash. We’re moving away from third-party coverage to first-party coverage.

Basic Vehicle Damage coverage

As a result of the move to first party coverage, Basic Vehicle Damage coverage represents a change in the way your vehicle repair costs are paid for when you’re not responsible for a crash. 

It works like this: if your driver is driving in BC and another driver crashes into the vehicle, your own Basic Vehicle Damage coverage will cover the costs (up to the extent that you are not responsible for the crash).

You likely won’t notice any change when you make a vehicle damage claim. When your driver is not responsible for a crash, Basic insurance will cover you for up to $200,000 and your insurance premiums won’t be impacted. 

Basic Third Party Liability

Under the new system, legal action won’t be necessary for most crashes in BC since everyone who is injured will have access to the care and income replacement they need after a crash. In addition, most BC drivers whose vehicles are damaged by another vehicle will be able to access Basic Vehicle Damage coverage. Basic Third Party Liability under Enhanced Care will continue to provide up to $200,000.
Third party liability will still be required in some circumstances, such as: 
  • ​Your driver damages someone else’s vehicle or causes injury while driving outside of BC 
  • Your driver damages property, other than a vehicle, while driving (e.g. hit a building or a fence) 
  • Your driver damages the contents inside the other driver’s vehicle
Basic Third Party Liability under Enhanced Care will continue to provide up to $200,000 in third-party liability coverage. 

If you want to increase the amount of Third Party Liability coverage you have in the event the other party’s claim has exceeded the $200,000 limit of your Basic Third Party Liability, talk to your Autoplan broker about purchasing ICBC’s Optional Extended Third Party Liability coverage. 

Hit and Run Statutory coverage

Starting May 1, 2021, vehicle damage coverage from a hit and run shifts from a Basic coverage to an Optional coverage. The statutory fund will no longer be in place to subsidize coverage for hit and run incidents. If you already carry collision coverage, you will be covered for hit and run claims.

Coverage for any injuries resulting from a hit and run incident does not depend on Optional coverage and will be covered for British Columbians under ICBC’s Enhance Care coverage.​