Enhanced Care coverage

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​​​​​​Enhanced Care coverage

This section is for Commercial Fleet and Non-Fleet customers interested in finding detailed information on Enhanced Care and what this insurance model means for their business.

More affordable auto insurance and better benefits for British Columbians is here with the launch ​of Enhanced Care.

Enhancements to auto insurance​ in BC

As of May 1, 2021, all British Columbians are protected under Enhanced Care coverage. Enhanced Care is focused on making your insurance premiums affordable and more stable moving forward. These changes are possible because the massive costs associated with our previous litigation-based system have largely been removed.

Under Enhanced Care, there should not be a need to take legal action to access care or to cover the vast majority of income losses after a crash.

ICBC's Basic insurance is the mandatory coverage you need to operate a vehicle in BC. It helps ensure that all British Columbians using our roads are protected with an adequate level of coverage.

The cost of premiums will depend on a variety of factors, most notably whether you purchase full Basic and Optional insurance with ICBC. Premium costs will also depend on the level of Third Party Liability coverage you carry and whether your vehicle is primarily operated in BC or outside BC.

Details of the changes that have come into effect are available in this Enhanced Care overview and this Enhanced Care video overview.

Note: Enhanced Care coverage has not changed the Insurance Rating model introduced in 2019.​

Claims before May 1, 2021

​Any insurance claims reported to ICBC for an incident that happened on or before April 30, 2021, will follow the rules ​of the former system and will not be covered under Enhanced Care.​​​