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​Know your part: Drive Smart

Every day in B.C., there are approximately 875 crashes - that’s one crash almost every two minutes.

With injury claims and car repair costs on the rise, we’re making changes to auto insurance in B.C. But it starts with fewer crashes. So more than ever, it’s important to keep our roads safe and to Drive Smart.

Drive Smart is about more than just knowing the rules of the road. It’s about how you stay focused and look out for the safety of others. It’s about being aware of how your state of mind can affect your driving and the decisions you make behind the wheel.

Everyone has a part to play in keeping our roads safe. Drive Smart is our commitment to promoting a safe driving culture in B.C.

Watch for our Drive Smart awareness campaign and road safety activities in your community this summer.

Brush up on the rules of the road

Do you think you would pass the knowledge test today? Give the practice test a try now and get a refresher on the rules of the road.

Think you know your road signs? Take our quick Road signs test to find out!

Driving is an ongoing skill to improve on. To brush up on safe driving practices and techniques, check out our driving guide, Tuning up for drivers. It’s not only for drivers getting ready for their road test, but also for anyone who just wants to review their skills.

Stay focused behind the wheel

Sometimes we cut corners when we’re in a hurry and forget to do the little things that keep us safe on the road and aware of others – things like signaling, shoulder-checking, or checking your mirrors.

Even if you think no one is around you, it’s important to stay alert and maintain your safe driving habits at all times.

Check your attitude

Having the right mindset can make a big difference to how you drive. If you’re often feeling impatient, frustrated or anxious behind the wheel, you may want to reflect on how your state of mind is impacting the way you drive – and what you can do about it.

Listen to your instinct before you get behind the wheel. If you’re tired, ill or emotionally upset consider taking a break from driving. Emotions and attitudes impact driving abilities.