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Insurance discounts

Talk to your local Autoplan broker about how you can save money when you protect your vehicle against theft.

How much you get for a discount depends on the type of vehicle you drive and where you live.

How you can protect your vehicle and save money too

Insurance discounts. The best anti-theft devices immobilize your car's engine when the ignition is turned off. If you equip your vehicle with a passive electronic immobilizer, you'll be eligible for a discount on your Comprehensive or Specified Perils Autoplan insurance. Learn more about Autoplan insurance anti-theft device discounts »

Deductible rebates. If you get an anti-theft device for your vehicle, you could also get a $100 rebate on the deductible you pay for an insurance claim. We'll rebate you if:

  1. your properly installed and activated anti-theft device prevented your vehicle from being stolen AND
  2. there's evidence of intent to steal the vehicle.

We may also give you a $100 rebate if your vehicle's stolen and recovered, with evidence your anti-theft device was compromised.

There are no insurance discounts or deductible rebates for anti-theft devices installed in trailers or motorcycles.