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Road safety speaker

Heather Charlton


Topics: risky choices, impaired driving, speed, positive decision making and alternatives to getting home.

Heather Charlton has presented with ICBC in almost every high school in B.C. and has been speaking in schools across Canada since 1996. She tells her story as the teenaged impaired driver in a horrific crash—and her best friend who died at the scene.

Heather holds a Master of Arts from the University of Victoria in Child and Youth Care Counselling and has experience working as a counsellor in social services since 1998. Heather's youth-friendly, positive, and strength-based message helps students think about how they can keep themselves and their friends safe.

  • Audience: Suitable for Grade 12 students

  • Cost: ICBC sponsors up to $500 for one presentation per school

  • Requirements: LCD projector, screen, microphone and sound system

Booking information

Call 604-708-1607 or email Heather Charlton

*Please note that Heather will be available to speak at all Lower Mainland schools except Vancouver public schools.