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​​​​​​Road s​afety speaker

Tiana Tozer


Topics: choices and consequences of impaired driving, changing attitudes about disability, leadership, diversity and inclusion

Tiana Tozer is an award-winning community advocate who has established programs rooted in real-life experiences. From the war zone to the auditorium, Tiana Tozer shares her story of how her life was impacted by an impaired driver at the age of 20. With a mission to empower individuals to reach their potential, she captivates and motivates audiences using stories from her own personal challenges.

​She implemented an innovative program in Iraq that taught people with disabilities how to advocate for themselves and become social change agents. Speaking across the globe, she has worked tirelessly to change attitudes around road safety and disability, drawing from her experience as a humanitarian worker in Iraq and a two-time USA Paralympic medalist. Tiana delivers a passionate message about making positive choices, creating your own reality and becoming a leader. 

  • Audience: Suitable for Grade 11 and 12 students
  • Cost: ICBC will sponsor $600 for a one-hour presentation
  • Presentation options:
    • In person
    • ​​​​​Pre-recorded streaming video presentation available for a two-week period, followed by a virtual Q&A session

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