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Road safety speaker

Heidi Cave



Topics: choices and consequences, reckless driving, speeding, seatbelts

In 1998, Heidi Cave was an active young woman looking forward to all the possibilities life had to offer. That all changed when her car was struck by a reckless driver going more than 100km/hr (60 mph).

Heidi’s subsequent battle for her life involved two weeks in a coma, seven months in the BC Professional Fire Fighters' Burn, Plastic and Trauma Unit at Vancouver General Hospital and an additional five months in rehabilitation. What should have been the darkest chapter of her life became a bright testament to the strength of the human spirit. Heidi Cave is now a mother, motivational speaker and author.

Hearing Heidi’s story has inspired thousands to renew their own hope and believe that anything is possible. You can find her memoir Fancy Feet: Turning My Tragedy Into Hope in bookstores and online.

  • Audience: Suitable for Grade 12 students

  • Cost: ICBC sponsors up to $500 for one presentation per school

  • Requirements: Laptop, LCD projector, screen, microphone, sound system, stand or podium, and a tall chair or stool

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