Driver licensing

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     New drivers

    • Get your L
      Learner's licence

      The first step in becoming a driver: pass the knowledge test and get your L. We have lots of tools and tips to help you get there. 


    • Get your N
      Novice licence

      Once you've been driving as a learner for a year, you can take your first road test. When you pass, you'll get your N


    • Get your full licence

      After two years of safe driving with your N, you're almost there! Pass your Class 5 road test and you'll get your full licence


    • Moving within B.C.

      If you're moving within B.C., you need to change the address on your drivers licence within 10 days. It's easy—you can do it online, by phone or at a driver licensing office.

    • Moving from within Canada

      If you're moving from within Canada, here's how to make the switch to a B.C. licence. You can drive for up to 90 days with your existing, valid licence.

    • Moving from outside Canada

      Here's how to get a B.C. licence if you're moving from another country. You can drive for up to 90 days with your existing, valid licence.

    • Proving your driving experience

      When you apply for a B.C. licence, you'll need to prove your driving experience. Here's a tip: it's easiest to get your driving record info before you move to B.C.   

     Your licence

    • Renew your licence or ID

      It's easy to renew your driver's licence, BCID card, enhanced licence or enhanced ID.  Find out what you'll need to do at the driver licensing office.

    • Replace a lost or stolen licence or ID

      Sorry you lost your licence or card. Here's how to replace a lost or stolen driver's licence, BCID card, enhanced licence or enhanced ID card.

    • Change your address or name

      Find out your options if you need to change your address or name on your driver's licence, BCID card, enhanced licence or enhanced ID card.

    • Apply for an enhanced driver's licence or ID

      Apply for an enhanced licence, enhanced ID card or BC identification card.

    • Get your driving record

      Need your five-year driving record or National Saftey Code (NSC) record? We have convenient ways to get a copy. And in many cases, it's free.

    • Find tips for senior drivers

      We want you to be safe on the road. Drive into your golden years with some great tips for senior drivers.

     Tickets and penalties

    • Multiple crash premium
      Drivers who are at fault in three or more crashes within a three-year period pay a multiple crash premium fee.

    • Vehicle impoundment

      Police can impound a vehicle when the driver is impaired, or for other reasons. Find out how to get your vehicle back.​

    • Pay a traffic or red light ticket

      For most tickets, paying within 30 days will reduce it by $25.

      You can pay your ticket by phone, in person or by mail.

    • Dispute a traffic or red light ticket


      You can dispute a traffic or red light ticket if you believe it was issued unfairly, would like the fine to be reduced or the payment delayed.
    • Fines and points for traffic offences

      Look up the fines and penalty points for B.C. traffic offences.

     BC Services Card and BCID

    • Temporary outage alert

      Please be advised that requests for BC Services Cards may be impacted at ICBC on the following days:

      • Saturday December 6th
      • Monday December 8th
      • Tuesday December 9th
      For more details, please visit


    • BC Services Card


      Renewing your driver's licence? You can get a BC Services Card
      at the same time. You can use it just like a CareCard to access health care services.


    • BCID card

       ​The B.C. identification (BCID) card is a reliable, accepted form of government photo ID for people who don't have a driver's licence.