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Preventing auto crime

While the auto theft rate has been dropping in B.C., any vehicle—and what's in it—is still at risk. Here are some tips on protecting your vehicle, and how that can help you save.

Bait Car program


ICBC invests in auto crime prevention programs like Bait Car because less crime benefits everyone in B.C., and helps us keep rates as low as possible.

The Bait Car program began in B.C. in 2002 and ICBC has been a proud partner and supporter from the start. At that time, auto crime was on the rise and our province had one of the highest rates of car theft in North America. In 2013, there were 75 per cent fewer vehicle thefts in B.C. compared to 2003.

Operated by the Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (IMPACT), B.C. has the largest bait car fleet in North America.  Now IMPACT has enhanced the program by adding bait property to help clamp down on theft from vehicles.

Supported by our award-winning advertising campaigns, auto thieves are now aware that Bait Cars are everywhere: Steal a Bait Car—Go to Jail. 

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