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Child car seats

Have questions about child or infant car seats? You're definitely not alone. Here are some tips to help ensure you're using and installing your seat correctly.

When used properly, child safety seats significantly reduce fatalities and serious injuries in a crash.

The right seat for every stage of growth

Children outgrow everything—even car seats! Ensure you're using the right seat for your child's age and size.

It's also the law: in B.C., all children under 16 years old must be properly restrained in an appropriate child car seat or seat belt.

For child passenger safety information in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Punjabi, Korean, and Spanish, please visit

Choose an approved car seat

When you're purchasing or using a seat, make sure

  • it hasn't expired and
  • it's Canadian. If you're buying a seat outside of Canada, including online from non-Canadian vendors, it doesn't comply with Canada's safety regulations.

Installing your car seat

For your child seat to be effective, it must be installed properly. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Need help or tips?

  • Visit Transport Canada for instructions with diagrams. Key information is also available in Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Punjabi, Somali, and Spanish.
  • Call the experts at our Child Passenger Safety Program Information Line: 1-877-247-5551.

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