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​Applying for reimbursement for a car seat

If you need to replace your child car seat or booster seat, you can apply to ICBC for reimbursement of the cost.

To qualify, you need to have:

  • ICBC Collision, Comprehensive or Specified Perils coverage, or
  • a claim where the other ICBC insured driver is wholly or partially at fault.


There are two options for reimbursement of a child car seat or booster seat:   

  • Option 1 — Reimbursement for the damaged (old) seat 
  • Option 2 — Reimbursement for a replacement (new) seat you purchased

The option that best suits your needs will depend on whether you prefer to receive reimbursement for the old seat and not purchase a new seat, or a new seat that you have purchased or intend to purchase within 30 days that is of similar make and model.

Jerry had a crash while his child car seat was in the car. He wants to replace his seat as his child is too young to ride without one, but Jerry does not have his original receipt. Because of this, if Jerry applies for Option 1, he is eligible for a fee allowance only.

But if Jerry purchases a new seat within 30 days, provides the original receipt and applies for Option 2, he is eligible for full reimbursement

Reimbursement application requirements

You will need to complete a Child car seat or booster seat reimbursement application form with:

  • seat details for your old and/or new seat

  • receipt details for your old or new seat

  • proof of disposal for the old seat to prevent future use and

  • photographs of the manufacturer's label on the old seat.


Information required for reimbursement   

​Information type
​Information required
​Seat details

​From the manufacturer’s label:

  • make
  • model
  • manufacturer or expiry date.

Note: Your seat may not have a manufacturer date or expiry date. For more information (including calculating your expiry date), refer to Transport Canada’s expiry date guide.

Make sure your old and new seats meet Canadian regulations:

  • Old seat has not exceeded its expiry date
  • New seat is purchased within 30 days from the date of crash or theft
​Receipt details
  • ​Total amount
  • Date
​Disposal of the old child car seat

​To ensure the seat cannot be used in future, you can:

  • cut the straps of the old seat and dispose of the seat yourself or,
  • bring the old seat to an ICBC claims office for disposal.

If you cannot provide the old seat due to a total loss, theft or fire claim, please indicate this on the form as these car seats will not be returned to you unless requested.

If you are claiming for a booster seat, the seat may not have straps. In these circumstances, ICBC accepts photos or the physical old booster seat unchanged.


​Photographs must show:

  • the manufacturer's label from the old seat and
  • the cut straps of the old seat, if you're disposing the seat yourself.



Locate your car seat info​rmation

Watch this video to learn how to locate the National Safety Mark, the manufacturer or expiry date of the seat.




Dispose of your car seat p​​roperly

Watch this video to learn how to cut the straps to dispose of your old car seat.





Steps for submitting your application

1. Confirm your car seat meets Canadian requirements

If you are replacing your old seat prior to applying for reimbursement from ICBC, you need to check that your old and new seat meets Canadian regulations.

2. Submit your reimbursement application

Complete your Child car seat or booster seat reimbursement application form and collect the supporting information. 

To get your reimbursement more quickly, find out how to easily sign up for direct deposit with ICBC through an Electronic Fund Transfer.

3. Submit your supporting information

Provide any supporting information, including receipts and photographs, separately from your reimbursement application form.

  • By email to Ensure the subject of your email includes your claim number and last name.

  • By mail, fax or in-person: Ensure you include a copy of your reimbursement application when sending supporting information to ICBC.

Mailing address
PO Box 2121
Stn Terminal
Vancouver, BC  V6B 0L6

Fax: 1-877-686-4222

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4. Await payment

You should receive payment within 30 calendar days of submitting your application, unless further supporting information is required. An incomplete reimbursement application may delay payment.

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