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Additional information for customers

Helpful information on a variety of topics.

Crashes and fault

After a crash

Information you'll need if your vehicle can't be repaired.

Injured in a crash?

Learn about the programs and funding that we can provide for you.


Rehabilitation assistance

We're here to help you maximize your recovery and return to a fulfilling life.



Disability discount

Vehicle owners whose mobility is permanently impaired may qualify for a 25 per cent discount on basic Autoplan.


Roadside Plus

Eight of our most popular optional insurance coverages at one low price.


RoadStar package

Four of our most popular optional insurance coverages at one low price.

New vehicle protection coverage

Smart ways to protect your new vehicle.



Child car seats

Best practices for child passenger safety.


Helmet and seating laws

What motorcycle riders need to know.


Need an ICBC re-exam road test?

What to expect.


Driving in poor conditions

Be prepared to drive in snow, sleet, rain and fog. 

Winter tires

Having the correct tires can make driving in winter conditions easier.

Driver licensing

Services for drivers

A fee guide for licences, identification cards, road tests, and the commercial driver medical exam.


Driving to the U.S.?

It's easier with an enhanced driver's licence or identification card.


Driver penalty points and driver risk premiums

Paying for high risk driving.



Motorists moving to or from B.C.

What you need to know about vehicle registration, insurance and licencing.



Questions about debt

Answers to your questions about tickets, monthly payments, multiple crash premiums, and more.


Vehicles with no record of registration

Even if you don't have the documentation proving you own a vehicle, you may still be able to register it in your name.


We're listening

Raising your concerns with ICBC.


PST on vehicles

All about tax on privately acquired vehicles in B.C.


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