Vehicle registration

Collector and modified vehicles

Find out how to register, license and insure your collector, modified or vintage vehicle. B.C.'s Collector Motor Vehicle Program helps preserve the history of collectible vehicles in British Columbia.

Collector vehicles

If qualified, your vehicle gets a special collector licence plate that shows it's a​ real classic. You can drive your collector vehicle out for pleasure and attend car club events.

Modified collector vehicles

If you have a modified vehicle that's registered as a 1974 model or earlier, it may qualify as a modified collector vehicle.

Vintage vehicles

Vintage plates let you show off your antique vehicle at special events and parades while paying reduced insurance premiums.

Replica/co​nstructed collector vehicles

If you have a replica/constructed vehicle that resembles a 1942 or earlier production model, you can now apply to qualify as a collector vehicle.

Modified passenger and commercial vehicles

Find out how to get plates and insurance for your modified vehicle.

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