Vehicle registration

Replica/constructed collector vehicles

If you have a replica/constructed vehicle that resembles a 1942 or earlier production model, it may qualify as a collector vehicle.

Vehicle eligibility

To qualify, your motor vehicle must meet the following requirements:

  • be registered in BC and

  • be constructed by a person who is not a manufacturer and

  • physically, functionally and mechanically resemble a 1942 or earlier model, i.e. engine placement must be correct, or

  • be registered in BC and

  • manufactured in 1942 or earlier and

  • had its original body replaced by a person who is not a manufacturer and

  • the replacement body resembles the original body of the motor vehicle.

Collectible condition

Vehicles with any damage anywhere — regardless of vehicle age —​ does not meet the collectible condition.​

  • Vehicle must be fully​ assembled with no missing parts and be in exceedingly good condition.

  • Vehicle exterior must not have any dents, paint blemishes, bubbling, chips, rust, or visible primer. Body repairs to the vehicle must be completed according to professional practices and standards.

  • Engine and engine compartment must be clean and detailed with no damaged, deteriorated or rusted parts.

  • Vehicle interior must be in excellent original or restored condition with no tears, stains, or significant wear. Minor restoration to the original upholstery are acceptable. Upholstery conditions also apply to motorcycle seats.

  • Vehicle interior and exterior must be clean and detailed.

Applying for replica/constructed collector vehicle plates and insurance

  1. Confirm your vehicle meets the eligibility requirements.

  2. Complete the application for Replica/Constructed Collector Motor Vehicle Program pdf.

  3. Photograph your vehicle​ following the photo requirements (page 2 of the Application for Replica/Constructed Collector Motor Vehicle Program). Here are some exam​​ple photos.

  4. ​Take the completed application and photos to an Autoplan broker or mail them to ICBC at:​

ICBC - Collector Vehicle department
235-151 West Esplanade
North Vancouver
BC V7M 3H9​

Once we receive your application, it will take about four to six weeks for review.​ This may be longer during peak seasons (April - September).

If your application is approved, your Autoplan broker will contact you. You must insure your vehicle when you pick up your plates at your broker's office.

Add a related individual as a registered​ owner

If you want to add a related individual to the registered ownership of your replica/constructed collector vehicle, complete the add a registered owner as a replica/constructed collector form pdf.

Insuring your replica/constructed collector vehicle

Once your application is reviewed, ICBC will send a letter to you. If your application is approved, your Autoplan broker will contact you when your plates are available. You must insure your vehicle when you pick up your plates at their office.

For more information, contact the Collector Vehicle department:

Lower Mainland: 604-661-2756
Toll-free: 1-844-904-8213
Fax: 604-443-7341